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Application of an Optical Fiber Based Monitoring System to a Mass Movement Area
Arslan Kelam, Arzu; KOÇKAR, MUSTAFA KEREM; Akgün, Haluk (2020-06-28)
The purpose of this study is to generate a long-term and continuous monitoring system that is near-real-time for mass movements by utilizing optical fibers. The system is composed of fiber optic cables and a device called ...
Evaluation of the sensitivity of open source DEM vs. local high resolution DEM data in tsunami hazard assessment
Tüfekçi Enginar, Duygu; Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Doğan, Gözde Güney; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet (2020-05-06)
Tsunami simulations using high resolution datasets would always resemble the results that are closer to the reality. However, high resolution airborne or spaceborne local datasets have not yet been available for many regio...
Pedestrian Tsunami Evacuation Time Maps for Southern Coast of Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey
Çelikbaş, Büşra; Tüfekçi Enginar, Duygu; Doğan, Gözde Güney; Süzen, Mehmet Lütfi; Kolat, Çağıl; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Necmioğlu, Öcal; Annunziato, Alessandro; Santını, Marzıa; Bali, Siret (2020-05-06)
Turkey suffered from devastating earthquakes and faced with a considerable number of tsunamis in its past. Although, tsunamis occurred in Turkey are not catastrophic as the ones in Pacific Ocean, they may still cause subst...
Faunal and environmental changes through the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary (K-Pg) linked with Deccan Volcanism: evidence from the Neo-Tethys, Turkey
Karabeyoglu, Ali Uygar; Adatte, Thierry; Lorenzo, Valentin; Altıner, Sevinç; Altıner, Demir (2020-05-04)
Epicontinental seas as efficient carbon sinks: proto-Paratethys & West Siberian seas during the PETM
Kaya, Mustafa Yücel; Dupont‐Nivet, G; Frieling, Joost; Fioroni, C; Rohrmann, A; Altıner, Sevinç; Vardar, Ezgi; Plesse, Birgit; Mamtimin, Mehmut; Zhaojie, Guo (2020-05-04)
Removal of carbon on geological timescales is generally assumed to be governed by the relative strength of silicate weathering and organic carbon burial. For past transient warming phases organic carbon burial has been con...
Investigation of Dynamic and Static Effects on Earthquake Triggering Using Different Rate and State Friction Laws and Marmara Simulation
Sopacı, Eyüp; Özacar, Atilla Arda (null; 2020-05-04)
The clock of an earthquake can be advanced due to dynamic and static changes when a triggering signal is applied to a stress-loading fault. While static effects decrease rapidly with distance, dynamic effects can reach tho...
Mafic Volcanic and Subvolcanic Rocks from the Yüksekova Complex in the İcme-Kesikköprü Province (East of Elaziǧ, Eastern Turkey): Whole-Rock Geochemistry and Confocal Raman Spectroscopy Characterization
Ural, Melek; Deniz, Kiymet; Sayıt, Kaan (2019-11-15)
© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.The Late Cretaceous Yüksekova Complex within the southeastern Anatolia orogenic belt consists of mafic volcanic and subvolcanic rocks representing oceanic crustal products, w...
Carbon-isotope stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian carbonate succession of the Türkoğlu section (SE Turkey): implications for the timing of Late Cretaceous sea-level rise and anoxic event
Mulayim, O; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Sarı, Bilal; Taslı, Kemal (2019-10-18)
A carbon–isotope stratigraphy of the upper Cretaceous shallow and deeper water Cretaceous limestones from Türkoğlu section, SE Turkey, has enabled an accurate definition of the Cenomanian–Turonian boundary. Carbon–isotope ...
The comparison of 2007 and 2018 Turkish building code of site classification procedure for seismic design based on seismic site characterization studies- a case study for Ankara
Akın, Müge; Akın, Mutluhan; Özvan, Ali; Topal, Tamer (2019-10-08)
Geotechnical and seismic characterization for the Orta district, Çankırı
Eker, Arif Mert; Akgün, Haluk; Koçkar, Mustafa Kerem (null; 2019-10-08)
Assessment of the durability of different travertine lithotypes used as armourstone around the coasts of Lake Van
Özvan, Ali; Akın, Mutluhan; Akın, Müge; Topal, Tamer (2019-10-07)
We report a major olistostromal event situated around the Priabonian/Rupelian boundary. It is manifested in the island of Samothraki simultaneously with the development of a carbonate reef, preceded and followed by flyscho...
Effect of disturbed zone depth on slope stability analysis: a case study from Western Black Sea Region (Turkey)
Ersöz, Timur; Topal, Tamer (2019-10-07)
Rocks in road cuts are affected by weathering, excavation and tectonic activities. The weak rocks especially disturbed by tectonic activities lose their strength over the years due to excavation and weathering. One of the ...
Mafic and ultramafic rocks within the Söğüt metamorphics of the Sakarya Composite Terrain, NW Eskişehir, Turkey: Preliminary field and petrological findings
Yaşar, İsmail Doğancan; Sayıt, Kaan (null; 2019-10-07)
The Söğüt Metamorphics are interpreted as the pre-Variscan basement of the Sakarya Composite Terrane. In the Central Sakarya area, the unit outcrops as slivers of an E-W trending belt disconformably overlain by the Jurassi...
An Optical Fiber Early Warning System for Monitoring Mass Movements and for Assessing the Effect of the Triggering Factors
Arslan Kelam, Arzu; Koçkar, Mustafa Kerem; Akgün, Haluk (2019-10-03)
The purpose of this research is to generate an early warning system for large mass movements that utilize optical fibers. Optical fibers are preferred due to their suitability in field conditions as well as their continuou...
Plio-Pleistocene marine and terrestrial transitions of the Datça Basin, SW Turkey
Datça Yarımadası, Türkiye'nin güneybatı köşesinde yer alan, WSW-ENE gidişli doğrusal bir kara kütlesidir. Akdeniz'i, Ege Denizi'nin en güneydoğusundaki Gökova Körfezi'nden ayırır. Yarımada, Datça Havzası'nın orta kısmı olu...
Erken Tunç Çağı Yerleşimi Koçumbeli'nde Ele Geçen Sürtmetaş Buluntuların Petrografik Analizi ve Hammadde Kaynakları
Sayıt, Kaan; Dirican, Murat; Gemici, Hasan Can; Atakuman, Çiğdem (null; 2019-10-01)
Upper Cretaceous rudist carbonate ramp facies in the SE Anatolia, Turkey: a comparison with the Arabian platform facies
ÖZER, SACİT; YILMAZ, İSMAİL ÖMER; Mülayim, Oğuz; SARI, BİLAL; Hoşgör, İzzet; TASLI, KEMAL (null; 2019-09-10)
Our recent studies on the stratigraphy and facies characteristics of the Mardin Group (Derdere and Karababa formations) around Kilis, Mardin, Adıyaman and K.Maraş show that the rudist-bearing limestones are widely distribu...
Faunal affinities of the Late Cretaceous ‘aphrodiniid’ venerid bivalve assemblages and dispersal pathways around Tethyan margins
Hoşgör, İzzet; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Özer, Sacit; Mülayim, Oğuz; Sarı, Bilal; Taşlı, Kemal (null; 2019-09-10)
Sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis of the Cenomanian-Santonian rudist-bearing carbonate platform, northern Arabian Plate, the Sabunsuyu section, Kilis area (SE Turkey)
Mülayim, Oğuz; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Özer, Sacit; Sarı, Bilal; Taşlı, Kemal; Hoşgör, İzzet (2019-09-10)
Our recent studies show that the Cenomanian-Santonian carbonate sediments rich in rudists are widespread throughout southeastern Turkey. The middle-late Cenomanian Derdere Formation and Coniacian-Santonian Karababa Formati...
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