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gamma*N -> Delta(+) (1600) transition form factors in light-cone sum rules

Aliev, T. M.
Barakat, T.
Bilmis, S.
Savcı, Mustafa
The form factors of gamma*N -> Delta (1600) transition is calculated within the light-cone sum rules assuming that Delta(+) (1600) is the first radial excitation of Delta(1232). The Q(2) dependence of the magnetic dipole (G) over tilde (M) (Q(2)), electric quadrupole (G) over tilde (E) (Q(2)), and Coulomb quadrupole (G) over tilde (c) (Q(2)) form factors are investigated. Moreover, the Q(2) dependence of the ratios R-EM = - (G) over tilde (E)(Q(2))/(G) over tilde (M)(Q(2)) and R-SM = -1/4m Delta(1600)(2) root 4m(Delta)(1600)(2) Q(2) + (m(Delta)((1600))(2)-Q(2)-m(N)(2) (2)(G) over tilde (c)(Q(2))/(G) over tilde (M)(Q(2)) are studied. Finally, our predictions on (G) over tilde (M)(Q(2)), (G) over tilde (E) (Q(2)), and (G) over tilde (C) (Q(2)) are compared with the results of other theoretical approaches.