Using expert opinion for risk assessment: a case study of a construction project utilizing a risk mapping tool



Using operational data for decision making a feasibility study in rail maintenance
Marsh, William; Nur, Khalid; Yet, Barbaros; Majumdar, Arnab (2016-05-01)
In many organisations, large databases are created as part of the business operation: the promise of ‘big data’ is to extract information from these databases to make smarter decisions. We explore the feasibility of this approach for better decision-making for maintenance, specifically for rail infrastructure. We argue that the data should be used within a Bayesian framework with the aim of inferring the underlying state of the system so we can predict future failures and improve decision-making. Within thi...
Using Social Networking Sites for Teaching and Learning: Students' Involvement in and Acceptance of Facebook (R) as a Course Management System
Albayrak, Duygu; Yıldırım, Zahide (2015-04-01)
This study investigates students' involvement in Facebook (R) as a course management system (CMS), Facebook acceptance, and the relationships between the two. The study used Facebook as a CMS in two freshman courses and employed mixed method as part of an action-research approach. Forty-two students participated in the study, and 12 of those students were selected for face-to-face interviews through maximum variation sampling. Quantitative data were collected through questionnaires and course Facebook page ...
Using google analytics and think-aloud study for improving the information architecture of METU Informatics Institute website: a case study
Demirel Kütükçü, Seher; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Department of Information Systems (2010)
Today, web sites are important communication channels that reach a wide group of people. Measuring the effectiveness of these web-sites has become a key issue for researchers as well as practitioners. However, there is no consensus on how to define web site effectiveness and which dimensions need to be used for the evaluation of these web sites. This problem is more noteworthy for information driven web sites like academic web sites. There is limited academic literature in this predominant application area....
Using Conversation Analysis for Micro Analytic Investigation of L2 Learners Classroom Interactional Competence Students Building on Teacher Contributions
Can Daşkın, Nilüfer; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (null; 2015-05-01)
Using Grice's Cooperative Principle and its maxims for analyzing coherence : a study on academic writing
Özhan, Didem; Ruhi, Şükriye; Department of English Language Teaching (2004)
Coherence in written discourse is considered to be a complex and a fuzzy concept but it is, at the same time, a crucial feature of any well-written text. The present study aims to contribute to the field of the teaching of the concept of coherence by proposing an approach to analyzing coherence in students̕ essays in the context of the Department of Modern Languages (DML) at Middle East Technical University (METU) and to the teaching of the concept. The study suggests an approach involving Gricean maxims fo...
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