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Working time constraints in operational fixed job scheduling

Eliiyi, Deniz Tuersel
Azizoğlu, Meral
In this study we consider the operational fixed job scheduling problem under working time limitations. The problem has several practical implications in both production and service operations; however the relevant research is scarce. We analyse pre-emptive and non pre-emptive versions of the problem and its special cases. We provide polynomial-time algorithms for some special cases. We show that the non pre-emptive jobs problem is strongly NP-hard, and propose a branch-and-bound algorithm that employs efficient bounding procedures and dominance properties. We conduct a numerical experiment to observe the effects of parameters on the quality of the solution. The results of our computational tests for the branch-and-bound algorithm reveal that our algorithm can solve the instances with up to 100 jobs in reasonable times. To the best of our knowledge our branch-and-bound algorithm is the first optimisation attempt to solve the problem.