General analysis of time evolution of decay spectrum in B-0 -> pi(+)pi(-)l(+)l(-)

Using the general, model-independent form of effective Hamiltonian, the decay spectrum of B-0 --> pi(+)pi(-)l(+)l(-) decay is studied. The sensitivity of experimentally measurable asymmetries to the new Wilson coefficients and time is studied. It is observed that different asymmetries are sensitive to the new Wilson coefficients and they can serve as an efficient tool for establishing new physics beyond SM. (C) 2002 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.


General analysis of lepton polarizations in rare B -> K*l(+)l(-) decay beyond the standard model
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Savcı, Mustafa (2001-07-23)
The general analysis of lepton polarization asymmetries in rare B --> K*l(+)l(-) decay is investigated. Using the most general, model independent effective Hamiltonian, the general expressions of the longitudinal, normal and transversal polarization asymmetries for l(-) and l(+) and combinations of them are presented. The dependence of lepton polarizations and their combinations on new Wilson coefficients are studied in detail. Our analysis shows that the lepton polarization asymmetries are very sensitive t...
Fourth generation effects in rare exclusive B -> K*l(+)l(-) decay
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Özpineci, Altuğ; Savcı, Mustafa (2000-10-02)
Influence of the fourth generation, if ever exists, on the experimentally measurable quantities such as invariant dilepton mass distribution, lepton forward-backward asymmetry, and the ratio Gamma(L)/Gamma(T) of the decay widths when K* meson is longitudinally and transversally polarized, is studied. Using the experimental results on the branching ratios for the B --> X(s)gamma and semileptonic B --> X(c)l (v) over bar decays, the two possible solutions of the 4 x 4 Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa factor Vt'sVt'b...
General analysis of CP-violation in polarized b -> dl(+)l(-) decay
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Savcı, Mustafa (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2003-12-01)
The CP-violating asymmetries in the b-->dl(+)l(-) decay, when one of the leptons is polarized, is investigated using the most general form of the effective Hamiltonian. The sensitivity of the CP-violating asymmetries to the new Wilson coefficients is studied.
General analysis of polarization phenomena in inclusive and semi-inclusive radiative decays of B mesons
Pak, Namık Kemal; Rekalo, MP; Yilmaz, T (IOP Publishing, 2000-07-01)
Polarization characteristics of photons produced in inclusive and semi-inclusive radiative decays of B mesons, B --> gamma + X-s, B --> gamma + h + X', are described in a general model-independent framework, using the structure function formalism.
g(B*B rho) and g(D*D rho) coupling constants in light cone QCD sum rules
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Iltan, E; Pak, NK (1996-01-01)
The decay constants for the strong off-shell B* --> B rho and D* --> D rho decays are calculated in the framework of light cone QCD sum rules. The results are shown to be in agreement with the predictions of the ''classical'' sum rules method, and with those of the vector dominance model.
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T. Alıyev, A. Özpineci, and M. Savcı, “General analysis of time evolution of decay spectrum in B-0 -> pi(+)pi(-)l(+)l(-),” NUCLEAR PHYSICS B, pp. 479–494, 2002, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: