The geometry of Ulrich bundles on del Pezzo surfaces

Coşkun, Emre
Given a smooth del Pezzo surface X-d subset of P-d of degree d, we isolate the essential geometric obstruction to a vector bundle on X-d being an Ulrich bundle by showing that an irreducible curve D of degree dr on X-d represents the first Chern class of a rank-r Ulrich bundle on X-d if and only if the kernel bundle of the general. smooth element of vertical bar D vertical bar admits a generalized theta-divisor. Moreover, we show that any smooth arithmetically Gorenstein surface whose Ulrich bundles admit such a characterization is necessarily del Pezzo.


From automorphisms of Riemann surfaces to smooth 4-manifolds
Beyaz, Ahmet; ONARAN, SİNEM; Park, B. Doug (2020-01-01)
Starting from a suitable set of self-diffeomorphisms of a closed Riemann surface, we present a general branched covering method to construct surface bundles over surfaces with positive signature. Armed with this method, we study the classification problem for both surface bundles with nonzero signature and closed simply connected smooth spin 4-manifolds.
On the Construction of 20 x 20 and 24 x 24 Binary Matrices with Good Implementation Properties for Lightweight Block Ciphers and Hash Functions
SAKALLI, MUHARREM TOLGA; AKLEYLEK, SEDAT; ASLAN, BORA; BULUŞ, ERCAN; Sakalli, Fatma Buyuksaracoglu (2014-01-01)
We present an algebraic construction based on state transform matrix (companion matrix) for n x n (where n + 2(k), k being a positive integer) binary matrices with high branch number and low number of fixed points. We also provide examples for 20 x 20 and 24 x 24 binary matrices having advantages on implementation issues in lightweight block ciphers and hash functions. The powers of the companion matrix for an irreducible polynomial over GF(2) with degree 5 and 4 are used in finite field Hadamard or circula...
Classification of function fields with class number three
BİLHAN, Mehpare; Buyruk, Dilek; Özbudak, Ferruh (2015-11-01)
We give the full list of all algebraic function fields over a finite field with class number three up to isomorphism. Our list consists of explicit equations of algebraic function fields which are mutually non-isomorphic over the full constant field.
On higher order approximations for hermite-gaussian functions and discrete fractional Fourier transforms
Candan, Çağatay (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2007-10-01)
Discrete equivalents of Hermite-Gaussian functions play a critical role in the definition of a discrete fractional Fourier transform. The discrete equivalents are typically calculated through the eigendecomposition of a commutator matrix. In this letter, we first characterize the space of DFT-commuting matrices and then construct matrices approximating the Hermite-Gaussian generating differential equation and use the matrices to accurately generate the discrete equivalents of Hermite-Gaussians.
Coşkun, Emre; Mustopa, Yusuf (2012-01-01)
Given a general ternary form f = f(x(1), x(2), x(3)) of degree 4 over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, we use the geometry of K3 surfaces and van den Bergh's correspondence between representations of the generalized Clifford algebra C f associated to f and Ulrich bundles on the surface X f := {w(4) = f(x(1), x(2), x(3))}. P-3 to construct a positive-dimensional family of 8-dimensional irreducible representations of C-f.
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E. Coşkun and Y. MUSTOPA, “The geometry of Ulrich bundles on del Pezzo surfaces,” JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA, pp. 280–301, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: