Do obsessive compulsive disorder patients have difficulty forming an internal model of the completed state of an action?

Ozdel, K.
Kırkıcı, Bilal
Ugurlu, M.
Kale, E.
Ozpolat, A. Yilmaz
Buturak, S.
Oymak, D.


Do Pre-service Chemistry Teachers Reflect their Beliefs about Constructivism in their Teaching Practices?
Kondakçı, Esen; Boz, Yezdan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-05-01)
This study aimed to explore pre-service chemistry teachers' beliefs about constructivism and the influence of their beliefs in their teaching practice. For this purpose, semi-structured interviews were carried out with eight pre-service teachers in order to understand their belief structures. Pre-service teachers' beliefs about constructivism were classified in three categories which are weak, moderate, and strong conceptions of constructivism. For detailed exploration, three cases of pre-service teachers r...
Do non-native languages have an effect on word order processing in first language Turkish?
Cedden, Gülay (2019-08-01)
Aims and Objectives/Purpose/Research Questions: Existing studies on sentence processing in bi-/multilinguals are typically centred on the first language (L1) influence on second language sentence processing. However, there is almost no evidence of influence in the other direction. The aim of this study is to find out whether being mono-, bi-, tri- or plurilingual has an effect on reading times (RTs) in the native language. To this end, Turkish native speakers' RTs are measured when processing Turkish canoni...
Do live birth rate and obstetric outcomes vary between immediate and delayed embryo transfers following freeze-all cycles?
Yildiz, Sule; Turkgeldi, Engin; Kalafat, Erkan; Keles, Ipek; Gokyer, Dilan; Ata, Baris (2021-12-01)
Research question: Do live birth rates (LBR), obstetric and perinatal outcomes vary between women who underwent frozen embryo transfer (ET) in the immediately subsequent menstrual cycle, and with those who underwent delayed frozen ET.
Do women seek humorousness in men because it signals intelligence? A cross-cultural test
Weisfeld, Glenn E.; Nowak, Nicole T.; Lucas, Todd; Weisfeld, Carol C.; İmamoğlu, Emine Olcay; Butovskaya, Marina; Shen, Jiliang; Parkhill, Michele R. (2011-10-01)
Miller has suggested that people seek humorousness in a mate because humor connotes intelligence, which would be valuable in a spouse. Since males tend to be the competing sex, men have been more strongly selected to be humorous. To test this notion, we explored the role of humor in marriage cross-culturally, in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Turkey, and Russia. In the first four societies, husbands were perceived to make wives laugh more than the reverse, but wives were funnier in Russia. Sp...
Do frequent movers depend more on their romantic partners? Residential mobility, centrality of partners, and psychological well-being
Yılmaz, Cansu; Cingöz Ulu, Banu; Department of Psychology (2020)
Growing number of psychology studies on residential mobility in the past decade has focused mostly on the effects of residential mobility on the self-concept, social relations, and psychological well-being (Oishi, 2010). The present dissertation is the first to examine residential mobility in the context of romantic relationships. The present studies tested the hypotheses that marital (or long-term romantic) relationships play a more central role in frequent (vs. infrequent) movers’ social networks and they...
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