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Recent Submissions

Orhan Pamuk in the International Literary Field
Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya (2023-09-23)
Antroposenden Yokyere Yolculuk: Deniz Gezgin’in YerKuşAğı Romanında Bir VarOluş Çabası Olarak (Yok)Oluş
Günday, Merve (2023-7-26)
“What Lies Beneath Our Words? Assessing Teamwork Communication Competence”
Tanrıverdi, Sena; Yazarken, Betül; Acar, Aktan; Ruhi Sipahioğlu, Işıl; Işık Güler, Hale (2023-07-01)
The architectural design process is inherently collaborative, involving a team effort. Various disciplines contribute their specialized knowledge in the process. The architect, as a member of the team, is responsible for d...
When Your Conference Presentation Takes An Atypical Turn: Audience’s Question(ing) Design in Question & Answer Sessions.
Topal, Pınar; Işık Güler, Hale (2023-07-01)
“Asking a question is not an innocent thing to do,” as inquiries into what the recipient has said or done may involve potential disaffiliation (Steensig and Drew, 2008, p.7). Conference Question & Answer (Q&A) sess...
Developing a youth talk corpus for Turkish: the Corpus of Turkish Youth Language (CoTY) and the use of vocatives as interactional markers.
Efeoğlu Özcan, Esranur; Işık Güler, Hale (2023-07-01)
This talk presents the design criteria and structural characteristics of the Corpus of Turkish Youth Language (CoTY), which is the first youth talk corpus compiled for contemporary spoken Turkish, and provides an overview ...
Perversity, Art, and Suicide as Forms of Performing Power: Staging a Drama of Resistance to Female Oppression with Annabel's Eccentricities in Angela Carter's Love
Günday, Merve (2023-3-4)
Angela Carter’s overlooked novel Love (1971) portrays the complicated relationship of three subjects, Lee, Buzz, and Annabel who are stuck in the physical boundaries of the same house. Though located in the same house, eac...
“Hah” as a preface for indexing epistemic access in Turkish
Topal, Pınar; Işık Güler, Hale (2022-10-20)
The Politics of Location and the Making of a Nobel Prize Laureate
Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya (2022-08-26)
The use of transitions in Turkish EFL learners’ opinion paragraphs
SANCAK, DİĞDEM; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2022-05-27)
Does Post-modernity suggest the empowerment of women? Zadie Smith’s swing time and quest of women for empowerment.
Birlik, Nurten (2022-02-15)
Student evaluation of teachers’ pedagogical skills during the first COVID-19 period
Hatipoğlu, Çiler; Gajek, Elbieta; Milosevska, Lina; Delibegović Džanić, Nihada (2021-12-13)
Contingent Subjectivities of the Posthuman Women of London in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time
Birlik, Nurten; Günday, Merve (2021-12-10)
Yabancı dil öğretmenlerinin ölçme ve değerlendirme eğitimi: Değişen koşullar ve gereksinimlerle gelişen bir eğitim modeli tanıtımı
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2021-12-09)
Neoliberal Common Sense and Short-Term Study Abroad: A Focus on Prospective Language Teachers’ Discourses
Çiftçi, Emrullah Yasin; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel (2021-11-25)
A Case Study on the Cultivation and Sustainability of Knowledge Sharing and Digital Trust: A COIL Project with Mexican and Turkish University Students
Kaçar, Işıl Günseli (2021-11-24)
The educational settings in the 21st century are characterized by an emphasis on the development of skillssuch as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking and technology integration. Telecollaboration hasrecentl...
Catching the trend in foreign language assessment training of pre-service English language teachers
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (2021-11-14)
EFL Preservice Teachers’ Online Flipped Task Design and Universal Design for Learning: Towards a More Engaging and Inclusive Learning Environment
Kaçar, Işıl Günseli (2021-11-05)
Online flipped learning is an innovative pedagogical approach prioritizing an active, dynamic and interactive learning environment for creative learner engagement. The extant literature on flipped classrooms mostly focu...
Teacher Professional Development during the Pandemic: Reflections from across the Globe 
Çopur, Deniz; Şeşen, Elif (2021-10-28)
Creating a Frequency-based Turkish-English Loanword Cognates Word List (TELCWL)
Altunel, Veysel; Yu, Xiaoli (2021-10-22)
Analyses and comparisons of linguistic complexities in the last two decades of university entrance English exams in China and Turkey: A corpus-based study
Yu, Xiaoli (2021-09-09)
Based on corpus data, this study aimed to conduct multi-dimensional analyses and comparisons of linguistic complexities between the high-stakes university entrance English exams in China and Turkey over the past 20 years. ...
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