Parallel implementation of a velocity-stress staggered-grid finite-difference method for 2-D poroelastic wave propagation

Sheen, Dong-Hoon
Tuncay, Kağan
Baag, Chang-Eob
Ortoleva, Peter J.
Numerical simulation of wave propagation in poroelastic media demands significantly more computational capability compared to elastic media simulation. Use of serial codes in a single scientific workstation limits the size of problem. To overcome this difficulty, a parallel velocity-stress staggered-grid finite-difference method is developed for efficient simulation of wave propagation in 2-D poroelastic media. The finite difference formulation of Biot's theory has the properties of fourth order accuracy in space and second order accuracy in time. The model is decomposed into small subdomains for each processor. After each processor updates wavefields within its domain, the processors exchange the wavefields via message passing interface (MPI). The parallel implementation reduces the computational time and also allows one to study larger problems. From our numerical experiment, consistent with other I-D experiments, it is found that the presence of heterogeneity of porous medium can produce significant P-wave attenuation in the seismic frequency range.


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In regions with sparse ground motion data, simulations provide alternative acceleration time series for evaluation of the dynamic response of a structure. Different ground motion simulation methods provide varying levels of goodness of fit between observed and synthetic data. Before using the seismologically acceptable synthetic records for engineering purposes, it is critical to investigate the efficiency of synthetics in predicting observed seismic responses of structures. For this purpose, in this study ...
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Wave Propagation in Poroelastic Media Saturated by Two Fluids
Tuncay, Kağan (ASME International, 1997-6-1)
<jats:p>A theory of wave propagation in isotropic poroelastic media saturated by two immiscible Newtonian fluids is presented. The macroscopic constitutive relations, and mass and momentum balance equations are obtained by volume averaging the microscale balance and constitutive equations and assuming small deformations. Momentum transfer terms are expressed in terms of intrinsic and relative permeabilities assuming the validity of Darcy’s law. The coefficients of macroscopic constitutive relations are expr...
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D.-H. Sheen, K. Tuncay, C.-E. Baag, and P. J. Ortoleva, “Parallel implementation of a velocity-stress staggered-grid finite-difference method for 2-D poroelastic wave propagation,” COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES, pp. 1182–1191, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: