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Traditional seismic hazard analyses underestimate hazard levels when compared to observations from the 2023 Kahramanmaras earthquakes
Altindal, Abdullah; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül (2024-12-01)
A sequence of two major earthquakes, Mw7.8 Pazarcik, and Mw7.5 Elbistan, struck Southeastern Turkey in February 2023. The large magnitudes of the earthquakes and the short time between the two events raised questions about...
A Numerical Investigation of Longitudinal Track–Bridge Interaction in Simply Supported Precast Concrete Girder Railway Bridges
Ozturk, Alper; Baran, Eray; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül (2024-08-01)
In railway tracks, additional stresses occur in rails due to interaction between the rail and the bridge superstructure, which is a phenomenon known as track–bridge interaction (TBI). The additional rail stresses (ARSs) de...
A novel CFD-ANN approach for plunger valve optimization: Cost-effective performance enhancement
Kaak, Abdul Rahman Sabra; Çelebioğlu, Kutay; Bozkuş, Zafer; Ulucak, Oğuzhan; Aylı, Ece (2024-07-01)
This paper introduces a novel computational fluid dynamics-artificial neural network (CFD-ANN) approach that has been devised to enhance the efficiency of plunger valves. The primary emphasis of this research is to achieve...
Fuzzy Einstein-based decision-making model for the evaluation of site selection criteria of floating photovoltaic system
Melek, Abiddin Berhan; Gökmener, Serkan; Haspolat, Emre; Çiçek, Doğa Derman; Deveci, Muhammet; Oğuz, Elif; Khorasanchi, Mahdi (2024-06-01)
The site selection step is one of the milestones required to ensure the success of a renewable energy project. The present study proposes a novel framework for the suitable site selection of floating photovoltaic (FPV) sys...
Joint shear strength prediction for fiber reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections
Kantekin, Yunus; Burak Bakır, Burcu (2024-06-01)
The performance of Karasu Bridge following the February 6, 2023 Kahramanmaras-Turkiye earthquake sequence
Ozkaynak, M. Irsad; Çetin, Kemal Önder (2024-06-01)
The evaluation liquefaction-induced excessive ground displacements of the approach embankments of the Karasu Bridge, as surveyed following the Pazarcik M7.8 and Ekinozu-Elbistan M7.6, Kahramanmaras-Turkiye earthquakes on F...
Use of one-dimensional CNN for input data size reduction in LSTM for improved computational efficiency and accuracy in hourly rainfall-runoff modeling
Ishida, Kei; Ercan, Ali; Nagasato, Takeyoshi; Kiyama, Masato; Amagasaki, Motoki (2024-05-01)
Determination of Minimum Intermediary Hold Durations in Multistage First-Filling Schedule of Earth-Fill Dam Reservoirs
Kurter, Ege Can; Çalamak, Melih; Yanmaz, Ali Melih (2024-05-01)
Evaluation of the fully coupled WRF and WRF-Hydro modelling system initiated with satellite-based soil moisture data
Duzenli, Eren; Yücel, İsmail; Yılmaz, Mehmet (2024-04-19)
This study comparatively evaluates the skill of the (un)coupled Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) - WRF-Hydro system supported with satellite-based soil moisture initiation in long-term simulations of hydrometeorologi...
Effect of Wall Size on the Rotation Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls
Kazaz, İlker; Sertkaya, Mahinur; Yakut, Ahmet (2024-04-01)
The limiting deformations of RC members used in seismic design and assessment are mainly based on experimental measurements, for which the lack of structural wall tests of large sizes restricts our knowledge on the deforma...
Using System Dynamics to Support Strategic Digitalization Decisions
Kaya, Hazal Deniz; Dikmen Toker, İrem (2024-04-01)
Although digitalization has become a prospect that is counted on for many problems in the construction industry, there have been limited attempts at exploring decision-making processes in construction firms concerning the ...
Liquefaction and performance of foundation systems in Iskenderun during 2023 Kahramanmaras-Turkiye earthquake sequence
ÖZENER, Pelin; Monkul, M. Murat; Bayat, Esra Ece; ARİ, Abdulmuttalip; Çetin, Kemal Önder (2024-03-01)
On February 6, 2023, two devastating earthquakes occurred on the East Anatolian Fault, Turkiye. The earthquakes had severe impacts on civil engineering structures in Iskenderun, Hatay. Reconnaissance studies were performed...
Geospatial Liquefaction Modeling of the 2023 Türkiye Earthquake Sequence by an Ensemble of Global, Continental, Regional, and Event-Specific Models
Asadi, Adel; Sanon, Christina; Çakır, Elife; Zhan, Weiwei; Shirzadi, Hooman; Baise, Laurie Gaskins; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Moaveni, Babak (2024-03-01)
A global geospatial liquefaction model (GGLM-2017) was previously developed (Zhu et al., 2017) using logistic regression (LR) and is currently used by the U.S. Geological Survey as the preferred liquefaction model to map l...
Duration Characteristics of Strong Ground Motions Recorded during the 6 February 2023 M 7.8 Pazarcık, Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye, Earthquake
Elsaid, Alaa; Çetin, Kemal Önder (2024-03-01)
The seismograms recorded at a total of 71 strong ground-motion stations (SGMS) located within 100 km of the fault rupture were used to investigate the durational variability observed during the 6 February 2023 M 7.8 Pazarc...
Real options valuation of photovoltaic investments: A case from Turkey
Or, Bartu; Bilgin, Gozde; Akcay, Emre Caner; Dikmen, Irem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (2024-03-01)
Investments in renewable energy resources have become inevitable due to increasing energy demand and energy prices, diminishing non-renewable energy resources, and the outgrowth of carbon footprints. Photovoltaic (PV) syst...
Local site effects at the selected stations affected by the February 6 2023 Türkiye Earthquake Sequences
İLHAN, OKAN; Indır, Onur; Muratoğlu, Gamze; İçen, Abdullah; Albayrak, Kubilay; SANDIKKAYA, MUSTAFA ABDULLAH; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Arduino, Pedro; Taciroğlu, Ertuğrul (2024-03-01)
This paper explores the applicability of one-dimensional (1D) nonlinear (NL) and equivalent-linear (EL) site response analyses (SRA) for characterizing site effects at selected strong ground motion stations impacted by the...
A critical assessment of the design displacements of friction pendulum systems
Alıcı, F. Soner; Sucuoğlu, Haluk; Özçamur, Uğurcan (2024-02-01)
The equivalent linear static procedure suggested in seismic codes for determining the maximum displacements of seismic isolation systems is evaluated comprehensively for friction pendulum isolators with respect to the benc...
The Impact of Climate Change on Construction Activity Performance
Oruc, Sertac; Dikbas, Huseyin Attila; Gumus, Berkin; Yücel, İsmail (2024-02-01)
There are specific construction operations that require weather forecast data to make short-term decisions regarding construction; however, most resource-related decision making and all project management plans must be car...
Stiffening of I-section MRF beams against degradation due to local buckling
Karagümüş, Anıl; Topkaya, Cem (2024-02-01)
Moment resisting frame (MRF) beams under cyclic loading are vulnerable to local flange and web buckling. The Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC341) prescribe width-to-thickness ratio limits, which are ...
Flow past rotating cylinders using deterministic vortex method
Karimi-Zindashti, Golnesa; Kurç, Özgür (2024-01-01)
This study examines the performance of an in-house code based on a deterministic vortex method on circular and square cylinders rotating with constant velocity. Subjecting a bluff body to rotary about its axis effectively ...
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