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Quantitative analysis of nonlinear dynamics of quantum light transmission in strongly coupled quantum dot-cavity systems

Tugen, Alperen
Kocaman, Serdar
We compared transmission spectra of coupled high-Q cavity with quantum dot (QD) systems in the strong coupling regime with Input-Output Formalism (IOF) and Incoherent Pumping Mechanism (IPM) based on Lindblad master equation approach. The peak transmission of Dipole Induced Transparency (DIT) together with its full-width-half-maximum (FWHM) are enquired for detailed analysis. Both methods exhibit the same vacuum Rabi splitting in on-resonant case, in contrast, the peak of DIT is estimated smaller between 50% - 62.5% than experimentally observed value in off-resonant case. A key outcome of this comparison is that IPM seems to be unable to explain DIT phenomenon entirely in off-resonant case due to the imperfect capture of the emission of polariton's atomic-like feature in the transmission spectrum.