Event studies in Turkey

Oran, Adil
The primary goal of this paper is to review the event studies conducted for Turkey to in order to identify the common components in their designs. This paper contributes to the existing literature by reviewing all event studies for Turkey for the first time, but more importantly; this review leads to the upcoming event studies on Turkey by highlighting main components of a proper design. Based on the review of 75 studies, it is observed that event studies generally choose BIST-100 (formerly, ISE-100) market index and market adjusted returns with the parametric tests. In general, the studies prefer to rely on one type of model to calculate abnormal returns without discussing the selection of the underlying model. Especially for the event studies focusing on the impact of political events or macroeconomic announcements in Turkey, there is a risk of clustering due to the application of same event date for all observations.
Borsa Istanbul Review


Event study methodology for the Borsa İstanbul s
Başdaş, Ülkem; Oran, Adil; Department of Business Administration (2013)
The primary research question of this thesis is to try to determine the appropriate event study methodology for studies carried out on the Borsa Istanbul. In order to find the most appropriate methodology we compare the performance of different models (mean adjusted returns, market adjusted returns, market model) in the Turkish Stock Market with two parametric (portfolio time-series standard deviation test, Patell test) and two non-parametric tests (generalized sign, generalized rank tests) under different ...
Defect Cause Modeling with Decision Tree and Regression Analysis
Bakır, Berna; Batmaz, İnci; Aydınlık Güntürkün, Fatma; İpekçi, İlker A.; Köksal, Gülser; Özdemirel, Nur Evin (2008-12-28)
The main aim of this study is to identify the most influential variables that cause defects on the items produced by a casting company located in Turkey. To this end, one of the items produced by the company with high defective percentage rates is selected. Two approaches-the regression analysis and decision trees are used to model the relationship between process parameters and defect types. Although logistic regression models failed, decision tree model gives meaningful results. Based on these resul...
Transfer Learning Using Twitter Data for Improving Sentiment Classification of Turkish Political News
Kaya, Mesut; Fidan, Guven; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı (2013-10-29)
In this paper, we aim to determine the overall sentiment classification of Turkish political columns. That is, our goal is to determine whether the whole document has positive or negative opinion regardless of its subject. In order to enhance the performance of the classification, transfer learning is applied from unlabeled Twitter data to labeled political columns. A variation of self-taught learning has been proposed, and implemented for the classification. Different machine learning techniques, including...
Communication in an academic context
Gizir, S; Simsek, H (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2005-09-01)
The purpose of this qualitative case study is to investigate the most common communication problems from the views of faculty members at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. The sample of this study consists of 50 faculty members including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors from five largest departments representing five colleges at the Middle East Technical University. The data were gathered by utilizing interview method, including 19 interview questi...
Object Based Classification of Multi temporal Images for Agricultural Crop Mapping in Karacabey Plain Turkey
ÖZDARICI OK, ASLI; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal (2014-01-01)
The objective of this research is to classify major crop types cultivated in Karacabey Plain of north western Turkey using multitemporal Kompsat-2 and Envisat ASAR data with an object-based methodology. First a pansharpening algorithm is applied to each panchromatic and multispectral Kompsat-2 data to produce colour images having 1m spatial resolution. Next, Mean-Shift image segmentation procedure is applied to the pansharpened Kompsat-2 data with multiple parameter combinations. Multiple goodness measures ...
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