A methodological approach to central business districts (Case study: İzmir).

Dilmaghani, Eskandar


A stochastic approach to the air pollution problem in Ankara.
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A system dynamics approach for housing policy analysis: the case of Turkey
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A reaction-transport-mechanical approach to modeling the interrelationships among gas generation, overpressuring, and fracturing: Implications for the Upper Cretaceous natural gas reservoirs of the Piceance basin, Colorado
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Predicting reservoir characteristics in tight-gas sandstone reservoirs, such as those of the Upper Cretaceous units of the Piceance basin, is difficult due to the interactions of multiple processes acting on sediments during basin development. To better understand the dynamics of these systems, a forward numerical model, which accounts for compaction, fracturing, hydrocarbon generation, and multiphase flow (BasinRTM) is used in a one-dimensional simulation of the U.S. Department of Energy's Multiwell Experi...
A price endogenous sector model for Turkish agriculture for an analysis of agricultural intervention policies.
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E. Dilmaghani, “A methodological approach to central business districts (Case study: İzmir).,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.