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Using video cases and small-scale research projects to explore prospective mathematics teachers' noticing of student thinking

Ulusoy, Fadime
Çakıroğlu, Erdinç
This study investigated how prospective teachers notice student mathematical thinking in a video-based learning environment and in analyzing students’ thinking when they conduct a research in their practice schools in the scope of a 14-week elective course program. Instructional process of the course had two phases. In the first phase, a group of eight prospective mathematics teachers analysed video cases related to students’ mathematical thinking. In the second phase, they explored actual students’ mathematical thinking through diagnostic interviews in their practice schools in order to conduct a small-scale research project. The results indicated that while prospective teachers tended to be more simplistic in analysing students’ thinking in their early video-case analyses, they came up with deeper analysis of student thinking by making sound inferences from data and proposing pedagogical strategies. Moreover, prospective teachers stated that micro-case videos functioned as a catalyst for enhancing their noticing of student thinking before conducting small-scale research projects.