An operational data based framework for longwall shearerperformance measurement

Coal is an important part of the energy mix in today’s world. In most countries, the deposits that can be economically extracted using surface mining techniques are becoming scarcer, resulting in underground mining, especially longwall operations, providing a larger share of total coal production. Optimisation of longwall operations should take equipment performance into consideration to understand the efficiency of the system and utilize it continuously as part of decision-making. In this study, the effects of the operational factors on the shearer performance in a longwall operation, and the total productive time of the shearer for a shift, were investigated. Data were collected from a longwall operation on site as input to a simulation model that allows the factors affecting the efficiency of the system to be investigated. The results of this study defines a suggested framework for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of longwall mining related operational data for the measurement of shearer performance.


A Big data analytics architecture for multi tenant energy optimization systems
Kartal, Oğuz Can; Şener, Cevat; Department of Computer Engineering (2017)
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Determination of the optimal equipment fleet for overburden stripping operation in a surface coal mine with discrete event simulation
Aytaç, Şahabettin Mert; Erkayaoğlu, Mustafa; Department of Mining Engineering (2021-8-31)
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A new data mining based upscaling approach for regional wind power forecasting
Özkan, Mehmet Barış; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-2-8)
Together with the increasing need for energy, the importance of renewable energy sources has been increasing day by day. Although wind is one of the most important alternative energy sources due to its high potential, it is not a stable source since it depends on the weather conditions. So, in order to include the power produced by the wind into electricity grid with planned manner, it must be predicted accurately beforehand. To produce a reliable wind power forecast, getting a Wind Power Plant’s (WPP) powe...
An overview of underground coal gasification and its applicability for Turkish lignite
Pekpak, E.; Yoncaci, S.; Kilic, M. G. (2010-05-26)
It is accepted that coal is going to maintain its significance as an energy source for longer time than oil and natural gas. Environmental concerns brought about the concept of clean coal technologies in the recent years. Coal gasification is one of the clean coal technologies. It may be applied on the surface for the mined coal or in-situ. Gasification of coal in-situ is called "Underground coal gasification" (UCG) and has several advantages over surface gasification and conventional mining. UCG provides l...
A multi-band metamaterial absorber design for solar cell applicatıins
Mulla, Batuhan; Sabah, Cumali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2016-8)
Solar energy is one of the most abundant energy in nature. Harvesting this energy in a more efficient way can be realized by metamaterials. Metamaterials which are manmade artificial materials can provide great absorption characteristics as well as reduced material costs with their compact structures. In this thesis, unique metamaterial absorber designs for thermo-photovoltaic and for photovoltaic applications are proposed and numerically analyzed in terms of their absorption capacity, polarization an...
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