Efficient processing of category-restricted queries for Web directories

We show that a cluster-skipping inverted index (CS-IIS) is a practical and efficient file structure to support category-restricted queries for searching Web directories. The query processing strategy with CS-IIS improves CPU time efficiency without imposing any limitations on the directory size.
30th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2008)


Advanced methods for result and score caching in web search engines
Yafay, Erman.; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
Search engines employ caching techniques in main memory to improve system efficiency and scalability. In this thesis, we focus on improving the cache performance for web search engines where our contributions can be separated into two main parts. Firstly, we investigate the impact of the sample size for frequency statistics for most popular cache eviction strategies in the literature, and show that cache performance improves with larger samples, i.e., by storing the frequencies of all (or, most of) the quer...
High Performance IP Lookup on FPGA with Combined Length-Infix Pipelined Search
Yang, Yi-Hua E.; Erdem, Oguzhan; Prasanna, Viktor K. (2011-05-03)
We propose a combined length-infix pipelined search (CLIPS) architecture for high-performance IP lookup on FPGA. By performing binary search in prefix length, CLIPS can find the longest prefix match in (log L - c) phases, where L is the IP address length (32 for IPv4) and c > 0 is a small design constant (c = 2 in our prototype design). Each CLIPS phase matches one or more input infixes of the same length against a regular data structure. Various CLIPS phases can be optimized individually: (1) 16 bits of th...
Utilization of navigational queries for result presentation and caching in search engines
Ozcan, Rifat; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Ulusoy, Özgür (2008-12-01)
We propose result page models with varying granularities for navigational queries and show that this approach provides a better utilization of cache space and reduces bandwidth requirements.
Cost-aware result caching strategies for meta-search engines
Bakkal, Emre; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Department of Computer Engineering (2015)
Meta-search engines are tools that generate top-k search results of a query by combining local top-k search results retrieved from various data sources in parallel. A result cache that stores the results of the previously seen queries is a crucial component in a meta-search engine to improve the efficiency, scalability and availability of the system. Our goal in this thesis is to design and analyze different cost-aware and dynamic result caching strategies to be used in meta-search engines. To this end, as ...
Search result diversification for selective search
Küçükoglu, Emre Can; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
Our work explores the performance of result diversification methods in the selective search scenario, where the underlying document collection is topically partitioned across several nodes and the search is conducted only at a subset of these nodes. In particular, we investigate whether diversification at each node is superior to previous approaches in the literature, i.e., diversification at the broker node applied before the resource selection or after the result merging stages. We also compare performanc...
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