Principal leadership and organizational change in schools: a cross-cultural perspective

Kondakçı, Yaşar


School leaders’ perspectives on government-initiated changes in Flemish secondary schools
Zayim Kurtay, Merve (2019-11-01)
This paper explores the perspectives of Flemish secondary school principals and coordinating principals on the government-proposed changes and uncovers their experiences with these changes in an in-depth manner. In a school system characterised by school freedom and free school choice, semi-structured interviews with 21 school leaders revealed the significance of school autonomy to create bottom-up solutions to the change-related problems. However, infrastructure, monetary resources, teacher, and parent rea...
Teachers’ Commitment to Change: An Analysis with the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction
Karakuş, Gülsüm Betül; Kondakçı, Yaşar; Department of Educational Administration and Planning (2022-9-2)
Change is inevitable in all evolving societies. Thus, it is accepted as a fact of life. The shutdown during the pandemic imposed by the coronavirus has been one of the latest changes that have impacted the whole world. This situation, of course, influenced the educational system. In line with the recent situations, this study examined teachers' commitment to the educational change they experienced during the pandemic and examined whether the Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction (IMBP) predicts teacher...
School principals'perceived level of importance in seven task areas.
Aytemiz, Dilkan; Güçlüol, Kemal; Department of Educational Sciences (1992)
Audio event detection on tv broadcast
Ozan, Ezgi Can; Çiloğlu, Tolga; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
The availability of digital media has grown tremendously with the fast-paced ever-growing storage and communication technologies. As a result, today, we are facing a problem in indexing and browsing the huge amounts of multimedia data. This amount of data is impossible to be indexed or browsed by hand so automatic indexing and browsing systems are proposed. Audio Event Detection is a research area which tries to analyse the audio data in a semantic and perceptual manner, to bring a conceptual solution to th...
Teacher unions, new unionism and shifting cultural metaphors
Simsek, Hasan; Seashore, Karen (2008-03-01)
Problem Statement: Since the 1980s, classical industrial unionism has been transforming itself in terms of redefining basic value system and strategies they use. Teacher unions are no exception. This paper draws on a study of a teachers union to initiate school-based change in a single state in the United States. The research was conducted as part of a broader initiative to examine the role of "new unionism" in local and state school reform.
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