Principal leadership and organizational change in schools: a cross-cultural perspective

Kondakçı, Yaşar


Critical success factors for build operate transfer (BOT) projects: lessons learned from airport projects
Kashef, Mohammad; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
BOT model is widely used in developing countries to facilitate the construction of immediately needed infrastructure projects with both technical and financial risks being borne by the private sector. BOT model differs from traditional ones because of its financial structure and operation service that is included in the concession. The aim of this research is to identify the critical success factors (CSFs) for BOT projects by examining real BOT projects, mainly airport projects. In this research, a detailed...
Organizational Change in Schools
Beycioglu, Kadir; Kondakçı, Yaşar (2021-12-01)
© The Author(s) 2021.Purpose: This review aims to discuss the meaning of organizational change, change dynamics, and the current state of debates on organizational change in schools. The core purpose of this review is not only to restate the literature on organizational change in schools but also to challenge the current theoretical understanding of change in schools by rising the new perspectives on change in schools. Design/Approach/Methods: As part of this effort, we discuss the dominant perspectives of ...
Perceptions of students and teachers about the use of e - learning / sharing portal in educational activities
Işık, Azad; Özden, M. Yaşar; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2009)
This study examined the perceptions of the Students and the Teachers of METU Development Foundation Schools about the use of e-learning / sharing portal technology in their educational activities. Their perceptions were investigated in terms of three aspects: effects of the use of this technology on their perceived motivation, the perceived usefulness and the perceived ease of use of this technology. A central server was installed for setting up an e-learning / sharing portal environment. Microsoft SharePoi...
Designing the airport city: an international perspective
Zamanov, Ayaz; Yetişkul Şenbil, Emine; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2017)
Cities grow and prosper in relation with their transportation hubs. In the past, coastal towns with adequate harbors grew and expanded quickly. In modern times, similar prospects apply to cities with airports which provide competitive advantages for regional and urban development. In addition to being a complex system of facilities, airports are significant stimulators for economic activities in its catchment area. In the last thirty years or so, airports have become clusters of not only transportation-rela...
Enhanced recovery of silver from Artvin-Kafkasor ore by microbial treatment
Salameh, M; Özcengiz, Gülay; Atalay, U; Ozbayoglu, G; Alaeddinoglu, NG (1999-06-23)
In the Artvin-Kafkasor ore deposit gold and silver are the main precious metals and are associated with quartz and limonite. In the present investigation, a fungal culture isolated from a mine water was tested under laboratory conditions for its bioleaching potential for enhancing silver recovery prior to cyanidation. The silver recovery was expressed as both the silver dissolved after biotreatment and that recovered after cyanidation following biotreatment. Silver recovery increased as a function of fungal...
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