Timing and X-ray spectral features of Swift J1626.6-5156

Icdem, Burcin
Baykal, Altan
In this paper, we extend the timing analysis by Baykal et al. of Swift J1626.6-5156 using RXTE-PCA observations between MJD 53724 and MJD 55113 together with a Chandra-ACIS observation on MJD 54897 with a 20-ks exposure. We also present the X-ray spectral analysis of these RXTE and Chandra observations. We find that the spin-up rate of the source is correlated with the X-ray flux. Using this correlation, we estimate the distance and surface magnetic field of the source as similar to 15 kpc and similar to 9 x 10(11) G, respectively. From the spectral analysis, we find that the power-law index increases and hydrogen column density decreases with a decreasing flux.