We study finitely generated modules over k[G] for a finite abelian p-group G, char (k) = p, through restrictions to certain subalgebras of k[G]. We define p-power points, shifted cyclic p-power order subgroups of k[G], and give characterizations of these. We define modules of constant p(t)-Jordan type, constant p(t)-power-Jordan type as generalizations of modules of constant Jordan type, and p(t)-support, nonmaximal p(t)-support spaces. We obtain a filtration of modules of constant Jordan type with modules of constant p-power Jordan type as the last term and give examples of non-isomorphic modules of constant p-power Jordan type having the same constant Jordan type.


Restricted Modules and Conjectures on Modules of Constant Jordan Type
Öztürk, Semra (Springer, 2014-01-01)
We introduce the class of restricted k[A]-modules and p t-Jordan types for a finite abelian p-group A of exponent at least p t and a field k of characteristic p. For these modules, we generalize several theorems by Benson, verify a generalization of conjectures stated by Suslin and Rickard giving constraints on Jordan types for modules of constant Jordan type when t is 1. We state conjectures giving constraints on p t-Jordan types and show that many p t-Jordan types are realizable.
Equivariant Picard groups of the moduli spaces of some finite Abelian covers of the Riemann sphere
Ozan, Yıldıray (2023-03-01)
In this note, following Kordek's work we will compute the equivariant Picard groups of the moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces with certain finite abelian symmetries.
YAVUZ, H; BUYUKDURA, OM (1994-04-14)
A rigorous integral equation formulation for the analysis of a phased array of flangemounted waveguide apertures is given for a finite number of elements and nonuniform spacings. The resulting set of ihtegrd equations is reduced to a matrix equation called the coupling matrix which relates the coefficients of all the modes in all the waveguides to one another. The solution then yields the dominant mode reflection coefficient, coefficients of scattered modes and hence the field in each waveguide. The blockTo...
Value sets of bivariate folding polynomials over finite fields
Küçüksakallı, Ömer (2018-11-01)
We find the cardinality of the value sets of polynomial maps associated with simple complex Lie algebras B-2 and G(2) over finite fields. We achieve this by using a characterization of their fixed points in terms of sums of roots of unity.
Killing-Yano charges of asymptotically maximally symmetric black holes
Günel, Okan; Lindström, Ulf; Sarıoğlu, Özgür (2023-04-01)
We construct an asymptotic conserved charge for a current that has been defined using Killing-Yano tensors. We then calculate the corresponding conserved charges of the Kerr and AdS-Kerr black holes, and their higher-dimensional generalizations, Myers-Perry and Gibbons-Lü-Page-Pope black holes. The new charges all turn out to be proportional to the angular momenta of their parent black holes.
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S. Öztürk, “p-POWER POINTS AND MODULES OF CONSTANT p-POWER JORDAN TYPE,” COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA, pp. 3781–3800, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/42794.