Robust watermarking of images

Balcı, Salih Eren
Digital image watermarking has gained a great interest in the last decade among researchers. Having such a great community which provide a continuously growing list of proposed algorithms, it is rapidly finding solutions to its problems. However, still we are far away from being successful. Therefore, more and more people are entering the field to make the watermarking idea useful and reliable for digital world. Of these various watermarking algorithms, some outperform others in terms of basic watermarking requirements like robustness, invisibility, processing cost, etc. In this thesis, we study the performances of different watermarking algorithms in terms of robustness. Algorithms are chosen to be representatives of different categories such as spatial and transform domain. We evaluate the performance of a selected set of 9 different methods from the watermarking literature against again a selected set of attacks and distortions and try to figure out the properties of the methods that make them vulnerable or invulnerable against these attacks.
Citation Formats
S. E. Balcı, “Robust watermarking of images,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.