Applications of simulated annealing for the design of special digital filters - Comments

Çiloğlu, Tolga
Ünver, Zafer
The way of measuring the performance of a discrete coefficient filter which is designed by scaling optimization is discussed.


Waveguide filters with ridged and unequal width resonators
Yıldırım, Nevzat; Hizal, A (2005-06-17)
Analytical expressions are developed for characterization of ridged / finned waveguides for use in the design of direct coupled waveguide filters with ridged and / or unequal width resonators. The analytical expressions are used to control the harmonic passbands and higher order modes. A survey is made for comparison of responses of waveguide filters using unequal width resonators and unequal ridge resonators. it is found that ridged resonators are more effective in suppressing the spurious passbands in the...
Non-linear filtering based on observations from Gaussian processes
Gustafsson, Fredrik; Saha, Saikat; Orguner, Umut (2011-03-12)
We consider a class of non-linear filtering problems, where the observation model is given by a Gaussian process rather than the common non-linear function of the state and measurement noise. The new observation model can be considered as a generalization of the standard one with correlated measurement noise in both time and space. We propose a particle filter based approach with a measurement update step that requires a memory of past observations which can be truncated using a moving window to obtain a fi...
On Miniaturization and Performance Improvement of Planar Wideband Bandpass Filters Without Coupled Lines
Alicioglu, Bulent; Yıldırım, Nevzat (2009-10-01)
Two classical approaches are compared in various respects for the design of wideband planar BPF's without parallel coupled lines, namely, BPF's designed by pole placement with contributing Unit Elements (UE) and inverter coupled resonator filters designed from LP prototypes. It is shown that the circuit obtained by direct BP synthesis is a special case of inverter coupled filter with inverters converted into single Unit Elements. It is also shown that if the inverters are converted into odd number of UE's t...
Normalized peak rippple magnitude as an objective function in discrete coefficient fir filter design
Çiloğlu, Tolga (2001-08-17)
Normalized peak ripple magnitude (NPRM) has been a convenient design criterion for discrete coefficient FIR filters. "Filter gain" is the major concern for NPRM. This paper presents an exact closed form expression of the filter gain for a given set of filter coefficients. Based on this expression the characteristics of NPRM cost function are discussed. The selection of the initial value of the filter gain for suboptimal design methods is considered. Deficiency of the previously proposed methods is pointed o...
Numerical method for optimizing stirrer configurations
Schafer, M; Karasözen, Bülent; Uludağ, Yusuf; YAPICI, KEREM; Uğur, Ömür (2005-12-15)
A numerical approach for the numerical optimization of stirrer configurations is presented. The methodology is based on a parametrized grid generator, a flow solver, and a mathematical optimization tool, which are integrated into an automated procedure. The flow solver is based on the discretization of the Navier-Stokes equations by means of the finite-volume method for block-structured, boundary-fitted grids with multi-grid acceleration and parallelization by grid partitioning. The optimization tool is an ...
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