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The effect of positive customer experiences created by experiential marketing tools and messages on customer loyalty

Herdem, Oğuzhan
The economy has evolved from commodity to experience economy eventually in its historical adventure. This evolution process happened synchronically with the developments in technology, production process, and the tools of competition. Standardized products and services in goods and service economy have given their place to customized and highly differentiated products and services in the experience economy. In line with these changes, the focus of marketing has turned from the functional features of products and services to unique and unforgettable customer experiences. The evolution process in the economy has also forced the marketing to revise, redefine and reformulate concepts and tools. It became compulsory for businesses to reconsider their marketing strategies in an intensely competitive market. Businesses also had to redefine products and services and rearrange marketing tools adapted to new marketing strategies. The most important reaction by businesses was to place the concept of customer experience at the focal point of their marketing strategies. In the last decades, they have started using experiential marketing tools and policies for product differentiation and customization efforts. They aimed to create unique and unforgettable customer experiences through the use of experiential marketing tools, thereby creating loyal customers and keeping themselves alive in a highly competitive marketplace. However, because there are a few numbers of researches in the literature, we know little about those efforts for maintaining customer loyalty. In this sense, the fundamental aim of this study is to reveal whether positive customer experiences created by experiential marketing tools and messages create a significant effect on customer loyalty or not.