The impact of R&D and knowledge diffusion on the productivity of manufacturing firms in Turkey

As the experiences of newly industrialized economies have shown, R&D and knowledge diffusion can play a crucial role in spurring the innovation capacity and productivity of emerging economies. Using firm level manufacturing data from 2003 to 2007, this paper investigates whether R&D intensity and various channels of knowledge diffusion affect productivity in Turkey-one of the fastest-growing emerging economies of the past decade. We find that an increase in the foreign ownership share in firms and technology licensing increases firms' productivity-although the conditional effect of the latter is significant only above a threshold of technological capability. Moreover, an increase in R&D intensity raises productivity only in firms with a threshold of technological capability, while industry level R&D spillovers do so only in firms with above average technological capability. These results support the view that emerging economies such as Turkey would benefit greatly from investing in technological capacity building, technology licensing as well as from attracting greater foreign direct investment.


The role of regional policies along with the external and endogenous factors in the resilience of regions
Eraydın, Ayda (2016-03-01)
This article aims to discuss the importance of the different policies and measures defined by governments in the resilience of regions, besides their connectedness to the global economic system and their endogenous capacities. The article explores the importance of different attributes in the resilience of Turkish regions (26 NUTS II regions) in the last two recessionary shocks and in the following recovery periods. By analysing the role of regional policies in the resilience of regions in two distinct peri...
Esenboğa, Ali Esener; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2022-7)
Globalization, neoliberal policies, and the spread of decentralization have expanded local governments' tasks and responsibilities, and local governments have gradually become more significant and effective. Therefore, local governments have sought external resources for financial and technical assistance to fulfil their expanding responsibilities and enhance their capacities. Moreover, accessing, obtaining, and efficiently utilizing the resources available in competitive conditions poses a particular chall...
The Role of Knowledge on Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey, 1963-2010
Utku İsmihan, Fatma M. (Science And Technology Policies Research Center, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey), 2012)
The importance of knowledge for long-run economic growth has long been an important research area for economists and policy makers. This paper attempts to analyze the impact of knowledge on economic growth in Turkey over the 1963-2010 period, by using a production function approach. In contrast to early studies, which have analyzed the impact of a single dimension of knowledge on economic growth, a knowledge index is constructed to see the impact of various dimensions of knowledge with a single and comprehe...
The impact of ICTs-related innovation on public values in public sector
Karkın, Naci; Yavuz, Nilay; Sevinç, Ecem Buse; Gölükçetin, Ece (2018-06-01)
Public sector innovation presents an understudied field when compared to innovation in elsewhere. This void unprecedentedly grows when information and communication technologies (ICTs) are at stake. Though the presence of developments and studies are growing in recent years, there is still a continuing need to explore the notion of public values (PVs) in public administration in its possible extent. When taking ICTs as intermediary mechanisms, it is arguable that there is a void regarding the effects of pub...
The impact of information provision on the social acceptance of shale gas development
Kânoğlu, Dilge Güldehen; Soytaş, Uğur; Yılmaz, Ayşen; Department of Earth System Science (2018)
Social acceptance is critical to the market penetration of new products and technolo-gies as well as the successful implementation of policies, including those concerning energy demand. The hydraulic fracturing technique employed in the development of shale gas has been followed by controversy and this has resulted in the emergence of heterogeneity in attitudes towards the process. This thesis proposes a model for understanding the acceptance of shale gas development. The proposed model encom-passes the fac...
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