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Contribution of industrial designers to the food development process: a review on chocolate design in a leading Turkish confectionery manufacturer

Evcen, Gizem
Although industrial designers are trained to produce new and innovative products, collaboration between industrial designers and food manufacturers is very limited. In today's world, the creation of products, which satisfy the needs of consumers, is realized with the collaboration and contribution of many different disciplines such as food engineering, mechanical engineering, finance, purchasing, marketing etc. However, the wider perspective is needed to survive in the market for food industries. The specialized project leaders in the product development team integrate the knowledge of different disciplines in the process of creating new food products. In addition to that, when they integrate designers in this process, innovations can be achieved that meet real consumer needs, differentiate from competitors, contribute positively to society and combine long term profitability and growth. A designer can take place in many parts of the food development process such as packaging design, food design, eating design etc. Industrial designers have great potential to do innovation in the specified properties of the food product since they have a different and creative perspective from food engineers. Therefore, the food industry is better to incorporate designers into product development processes in order to differentiate from its competitors and to respond to consumer needs accurately. In this research potential contributions of industrial designers on food development process are investigated and how these different disciplines (food engineers and industrial designers) could work in collaboration is investigated. In order to achieve that interviews are conducted both with food engineers and industrial designers within the frame of research questions.