Fano lines in the reflection spectrum of directly coupled systems of waveguides and cavities: Measurements, modeling, and manipulation of the Fano asymmetry

Lian, Jin
Sokolov, Sergei
Yüce, Emre
Combrie, Sylvain
De Rossi, Alfredo
Mosk, Allard P.
We measured and analyzed reflection spectra of directly coupled systems of waveguides and cavities. The observed Fano lines offer insight on the reflection and coupling processes. Very different from side-coupled systems, the observed Fano line shape is not caused by the termini of the waveguide but by the coupling process between the measurement device fiber and the waveguide. Our experimental results and analytical model show that the Fano parameter that describes the Fano line shape is very sensitive to the coupling condition. A movement of the fiber well below the Rayleigh range can lead to a drastic change of the Fano line shape.