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Ethical Work Climate as an Antecedent of Trust in Co Workers

Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha
Aslı, Parlakgümüş
This study aims to enhance the understanding about the influence of perceived ethical work climate dimensions on employees' trust in co-workers. The instrument used was Victor and Cullen's (1988) questionnaire containing five empirically derived types of ethical climate (caring, law and code, rules, instrumentalism, and independence). As hypothesized, the study revealed that the instrumental ethical climate dimension was negatively related, and independent climate was positively related to co-worker trust. Thus, two ethical climate dimensions (independent and instrumental) account for the 22.7 percent variation taking place in co-worker trust while the remaining climate types had no significant impact. The findings may be of help particularly to human resource staff in developing policies to better off relations among employees acknowledging differing potential of ethical climate types.