Nietzsche on convalescence

Soytok, Evren
In this thesis, I will attempt to clarify Nietzsche’s notion of convalescence. To grasp his notion of convalescence requires a proper understanding and examination of his critique of traditional metaphysics that permeates his writings. In the context of his critique of metaphysical way of thinking, I will problematize the life-denying dualistic structure of metaphysics with its oppositional components and the Cartesian subject with respect to Nietzsche’s notion of life as will to power. Then, I will examine Nietzsche’s understanding of convalescence with respect to his physiological way of thinking and with his genealogical analyses that emphasize the human being as a multiplicity of forces and unconscious drives. Finally, I will attempt to make a possible connection between convalescence and forgetting from the inhuman perspective that constitutes a greater health.
Citation Formats
E. Soytok, “Nietzsche on convalescence,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Social Sciences. Philosophy., Middle East Technical University, 2019.