An R&D roadmap for Turkish defense industry

Dağ, Oğuzhan
One of the worldwide leading sectors with the highest R&D resources allocation is the defense industry, which has recently been growing rapidly in Turkey. R&D projects require investments and extra costs depending on the type of business. Therefore, companies feel obliged to track their R&D activities strictly by carrying out a series of controls and measurements so as to reach the desired objectives and avoid any financial loss. However, performance measurement of defense R&D activities differ from country to country since each country have their own unique defense industry laws and regulations, issues regarding defense industry call for confidentiality, and there is a lack of unanimously accepted source of reference in the field of defense R&D. This study deals with R&D performance measurement methods and metrics in Turkish defense industry. In two different focus group interviews, an answer was sought to the question of What should be the R&D and innovation vision of Turkish Defense Industry companies?. In this way, technology evaluation criteria were weighted, and technology areas were ranked. Thereafter, a two-round Delphi survey relating to 19 Delphi statements about defense industry was carried out. As a result of this process, D.14 statement of Domestic simulator systems and sub-systems are to be manufactured using virtual reality techniques to simulate critical cues provided by real platforms came to the forefront, and what should be done by public and private enterprise to realize the corresponding question of this Delphi statement – D.14.8 – asking The contribution of the issue mentioned in the Delphi statement to Turkey’s science, technology, and innovation capacity was identified as the roadmap through face-to-face interviews with relevant experts in the field.
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O. Dağ, “An R&D roadmap for Turkish defense industry,” Thesis (Ph.D.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Science and Technology Policy Studies, Middle East Technical University, 2020.