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The Impact of far-right political parties’ politicization of muslim immigrants on political participation of immigrants from Turkey in the Netherlands

Karana, Elçin S.
Immigrant-related societal security concerns, based on ethnicity, race, culture, and above all, religion, have been increasing enormously in Europe, as observed in Muslim immigrants. Far-right political parties have played a significant role in this process by politicizing Muslim immigrants within the transition from multiculturalism to assimilation in terms of immigrant integration and migration policies. Although there are too many academic studies on the politicization of migration or immigrant integration and the role of far-right political parties in the literature, there is not yet a study analyzing the impact of this politicization process on Muslim immigrants and their counter-reactions. By focusing on the Turkish-Dutch immigrants in the Netherlands, this thesis argues that the politicization of Muslim immigrants has paved the way for collective identity formation through the development of identity politics within the immigrant community by motivating their political participation, which provides further political integration of Turkish-Dutch immigrants with the Dutch society.