Technological aspects of horse meat products - A review

Lorenzo, Jose M.
Munekata, Paulo E. S.
Bastianello Campagnol, Paulo Cezar
Zhu, Zhenzhou
Alpas, Hami
Barba, Francisco J.
Tomasevic, Igor
Horse meat and its products can be considered as a food with a high nutritional value. However, due to cases of economically motivated food adulteration by the intentional addition of horse meat beef products in recent years, horse meat has become a controversial issue. Consumer confidence in meat products and the meat industry has diminished, although consumers consider the differences between the food content and the label as the major issue rather than the safety and nutritional characteristics of horse meat. The elaboration of meat products from horse meat (e.g. "cecina", dry-cured loin, salami, bressaola and pate) is also an interesting alternative to other traditional meat products such as dry-cured pork hams, pork sausages and liver pates. In this review, the technological aspects, safety and storage stability of meat products elaborated from horse meat will be addressed by highlighting the nutritional and sensory aspects of these meat products. We aim to improve the existing knowledge about horse meat in the view of recent scandals.

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J. M. Lorenzo et al., “Technological aspects of horse meat products - A review,” FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, vol. 102, pp. 176–183, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: