Phylogenetic differentiation of Aegilops and Triticum species by using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Demir, Pinar
Önde, Sertaç
Ozgen, Murat
Triticum and Aegilops species belong to the Poaceae family and show common morphological traits. These morphological common traits made it difficult to identify and name the concerned species. In addition there is great disagreement even in nomenclature of genomic make up. Therefore molecular identification of these species becomes the preferred approach. The study in concern aims to make a phylogenetic differentiation of 8 Aegilops and 4 Triticum species by using Attenuated Total Reflection-Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Spectroscopy. The cluster analysis results of the whole spectra revealed that the species can be differentiated in terms of their genomic structure. Furthermore, the cluster analysis results of lignin band showed that these species can be differentiated by using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. These results signify that ATR-FTIR spectroscopy can be used to differentiate different wheat species phylogenetically and the data obtained can be used to improve wheat cultivation.
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P. Demir, S. Önde, M. Ozgen, M. AVCI BİRSİN, and F. SEVERCAN, “Phylogenetic differentiation of Aegilops and Triticum species by using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy,” 2012, vol. 161, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: