Bakım, Onarım ve Yükseltmeyi Destekleyen ve Kullanıcı Katılımını Güçlendiren Sürdürülebilirlik İçin Tasarım Yaklaşımları

Sustainable products and systems support the active participation of users in the stages of maintenance, repair and upgrading, and strengthens the user-product emotional bond. The prominent design approaches in this context include repair and adaptation practices in mass-produced products, integrated scales of design and production for sustainability, emotional durability and product-oriented personalisation, and system-oriented personalisation and open design. These approaches empower user engagement at different degrees and at various stages of the design process and enable local knowledge and skills. This article provides an assessment of the changing roles of designers, users and manufacturers within the context of sustainable design, and it presents potential design solution areas related to a system proposal that can be developed in line with these approaches.


Exploration of the ways of empowering people in the design process through product personalization for prolonged product lifetimes
OZAN, EZGİ; Doğan, Çağla (2017-11-10)
Product personalization has many potentials in extending product lifetimes and sustainable consumption, through strengthening the emotional bond between people and their products. In addition, production and post-use of products need to be considered in the design process to develop design solutions in line with sustainability principles. Product personalization is defined in the study as, a process during which a product's aesthetic and functional attributes are defined, adapted or modified by the user dur...
Yazirlıoğlu, Lilyana; Doğan, Çağla; Department of Industrial Design (2021-8-02)
Take-make-dispose behaviours as the basis of the linear economy model are challenged by the sustainable modes of consumption that aim to minimise the use of raw materials and waste production. The most prominent among these is the circular economy model, which resembles the production and consumption cycles to a living system, and proposes alternative systems where there is no such thing as waste but only food for another within the system (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2015). Therefore, the aim is to protect...
Synergistic effects of low-/medium-vacuum carbonization on physico-chemical properties and stability characteristics of biochars
Ullah, Habib; Abbas, Qumber; Ali, Muhammad Ubaid; Amina, Amina; Cheema, Ayesha Imtiyaz; Yousaf, Balal; Rinklebe, Joerg (2019-10-01)
Vacuum carbonization is considered to be an effective and promising thermochemical-tool for resource and energy recovery by collecting and reusing pyrolysis products and volatiles. In this study, thermochemical conversion of orange peel to biochar under low-and medium-vacuum pyrolysis conditions were investigated for product distribution and stability characteristics of biochar. The pyrolysis experiments were executed under three different conditions i.e., N-2 atmosphere (without vacuum), low-vacuum (1013.2...
Investigating the Feasibility of Digitally Created Industrial Design Sketchbooks
Şener Pedgley, Bahar (2014-01-01)
Endüstri ürünleri tasarımcıları ve öğrencileri tasarım fikirlerini oluşturmak, belgelemek, aynı zamanda bu fikirleri başkalarıyla paylaşabilmek için eskiz defteri kullanırlar. Son yıllarda, tasarım süreci giderek sayısal ortamda gerçekleştirilmeye başladı, öyle ki, kağıt-temelli eskiz defterleri tasarım etkinliğini tatmin edici düzeyde belgelemek için yetersiz kalmaya başladı. Bu makale, fiziksel olarak kağıt üstünde oluşturulan endüstriyel tasarım eskiz defterlerinin sayısal olarak hazırlanmasına geçişin e...
Autocrine TGF-beta and stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) signaling drives the evolution of tumor-promoting mammary stromal myofibroblasts
Kojima, Yasushi; Acar, Ahmet; Eaton, Elinor Ng; Mellody, Kieran T.; Scheel, Christina; Ben-Porath, Ittai; Onder, Tamer T.; Wang, Zhigang C.; Richardson, Andrea L.; Weinberg, Robert A.; Orimo, Akira (2010-11-01)
Much interest is currently focused on the emerging role of tumor-stroma interactions essential for supporting tumor progression. Carcinoma-associated fibroblasts (CAFs), frequently present in the stroma of human breast carcinomas, include a large number of myofibroblasts, a hallmark of activated fibroblasts. These fibroblasts have an ability to substantially promote tumorigenesis. However, the precise cellular origins of CAFs and the molecular mechanisms by which these cells evolve into tumor-promoting myof...
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