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Bakım, Onarım ve Yükseltmeyi Destekleyen ve Kullanıcı Katılımını Güçlendiren Sürdürülebilirlik İçin Tasarım Yaklaşımları

Doğan, Çağla
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta
Sustainable products and systems support the active participation of users in the stages of maintenance, repair and upgrading, and strengthens the user-product emotional bond. The prominent design approaches in this context include repair and adaptation practices in mass-produced products, integrated scales of design and production for sustainability, emotional durability and product-oriented personalisation, and system-oriented personalisation and open design. These approaches empower user engagement at different degrees and at various stages of the design process and enable local knowledge and skills. This article provides an assessment of the changing roles of designers, users and manufacturers within the context of sustainable design, and it presents potential design solution areas related to a system proposal that can be developed in line with these approaches.