Influences on Turkish early childhood teachers' science teaching practices and the science content covered in the early years

The first rationale of the study was not only to determine the topics taught in Turkish early childhood settings but also to define the frequency and time allocation for teaching science (n = 382). In the second phase, through semi-structured interview questions, the aim was to gain detailed information about Turkish early childhood teachers' (n = 14) thoughts concerning the effectiveness of teacher education programmes, their level of confidence in teaching science, the obstacles they face, and the support from colleagues and school administrators. The findings revealed that Turkish early childhood teachers do not feel confident in teaching science and do not believe that they received adequate teacher training. In addition to these two reasons, the scarcity of resources and training opportunities can also be considered as contributory factors that may be helpful in explaining why the science content is too narrow and time allocation for science teaching is limited in Turkish early childhood settings.


Factors Affecting Preservice Mathematics Teachers' Decisions on Probability Teaching
Özaytabak, Emel; Bulut, Safure; Department of Secondary Science and Mathematics Education (2004)
The purpose of this study was to examine the factors affecting preservice mathematics teachers̕ decisions on probability teaching. The sample of the study was 248 preservice mathematics teachers from Gazi University, Hacettepe University, and Middle East Technical University. According to the gender the number of females and males were 170 and 78 respectively. To obtain necessary data for the study, the following measuring instruments were used: (1) Probability Achievement Test (PAT); (2) Probability Miscon...
A case study on transdisciplinary approach of integrated curriculum perspectives of early childhood teachers
Özer, Özden; Erden, Feyza; Department of Early Childhood Education (2010)
The purpose of this study is to examine teachers’ beliefs and perspectives about an applied transdisciplinary approach of integrated early childhood curriculum. While developing an integrated curriculum for early childhood education, one of the challenges for educators is delivering the themes into different disciplines. For this reason, researchers have developed different models to integrate disciplines in different ways. Transdisciplinary approach is one of the models developed for integrated curriculum....
Predictive influence of students achievement motivation, meaningful learning approach and epistemological beliefs on classification concept achievement
Kızılgüneş, Berna; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Science and Mathematics Education (2007)
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the predictive influences of epistemological beliefs, achievement motivation, learning approaches on sixth grade students’ achievement in classification concepts. The study was carried out in the fall 2006-2007 semester. One thousand forty one 6th grade students from twenty five randomly selected elementary schools in Çankaya district of Ankara participated in this study. In this study Turkish version of the Learning Approach Questionnaire, Epistemological...
Investigating middle school mathematics teachers‟ mathematical knowledge for teaching algebra: a multiple case study
Girit, Dilek; Akyüz, Didem; Department of Elementary Education (2016)
The aim of this study was to examine middle school mathematics teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching generalization of patterns and operations with algebraic expressions in planning and implementing processes. Data were collected from two middle school mathematics teachers who worked in the same public school throughout the instruction of algebra unit at 7th grade. In data collection process, lesson plans prepared by the teachers, pre-observation interviews, observations, field notes, and post-obser...
Elementary school teachers' views about their implementation of the assessment techniques recommended in the new mathematics curriculum
Uçar, Nihan; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç; Department of Elementary Science and Mathematics Education (2007)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the views of elementary school teachers about their implementation of assessment techniques recommended in the new mathematics curriculum. The study was conducted with 306 elementary school teachers from 29 public schools in Kırıkkale, Malatya and Ankara in the 2006-2007 academic year. ‘Opinions about Assessment Questionnaire’ was used as the instrument for assessing the opinions of the teachers about assessment techniques offered in new mathematics curriculum. T...
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