Evaluation of high pressure pretreatment for enhancing the drying rates of carrot, apple, and green bean

Preservation of fresh produce by drying dates back to ancient times and is still an indispensible technique. Conventional drying Of fruits and vegetables is often accompanied by changes in color, texture, and taste. Suitable pretreatments can improve the drying process by reducing the drying time, yielding higher-quality products, and energy savings. In this Study, two varieties of apples, Amasya and red delicious, green beans and carrots were pretreated with high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) at different pressure-time-temperature combinations (100-300 MPa for 5-45 min at 20 and 35 degrees C) prior to drying. The drying experiments were carried out by using a hot-air tunnel dryer at different temperatures (27-85 degrees C) and air velocities of 0.4 and 0.8 m/s with constant external conditions. Improving the drying conditions by increasing the drying temperature generally masked the effect of HHP pretreatment on drying rate. Generally, pressures Of More than 100 MPa caused cell permeabilization resulting in higher drying rates. Among 14 models, the modified Page model was found to best explain the drying behaviors and model constants were evaluated accordingly. The Tukey Multiple comparison test was applied on characteristic drying times to evaluate the relative effects of different pretreatments and drying conditions. Published by Elsevier Ltd.