Parametric Identification of Hybrid Linear-Time-Periodic Systems

Uyanik, Ismail
Saranlı, Uluç
Morgul, Omer
Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert
In this paper, we present a state-space system identification technique for a class of hybrid LTP systems, formulated in the frequency domain based on input-output data. Other than a few notable exceptions, the majority of studies in the state-space system identification literature (e.g. subspace methods) focus only on LTI systems. Our goal in this study is to develop a technique for estimating time-periodic system and input matrices for a hybrid LTP system, assuming that full state measurements are available. To this end, we formulate our problem in a linear regression framework using Fourier transformations, and estimate Fourier series coefficients of the time-periodic system and input matrices using a least-squares solution. We illustrate the estimation accuracy of our method for LTP system dynamics using a hybrid damped Mathieu function as an example.
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I. Uyanik, U. Saranlı, O. Morgul, and M. M. Ankaralı, “Parametric Identification of Hybrid Linear-Time-Periodic Systems,” 2016, vol. 49, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: