Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on the profile of proteins extracted from Betula pendula pollens

Altuner, Ergin Murat
Ceter, Talip
Alpas, Hami
High hydrostatic pressure (HHP) has high success potential in pollen protein extraction, but its effect on pollen protein profiles has not been studied yet. The aim of this study is to put forward whether HHP processing causes a change in the protein profiles extracted from pollens or not. In this study, proteins extracted from Betula pendula pollens were studied at 100, 200 and 300 MPa at room temperature for 5 min. In addition, the efficiency of three different extraction solvents, namely phosphate buffer saline (PBS) buffer pH 7.5, trichloroacetic acid-acetone and Tris-HCl buffer pH 8.8, was also observed, and the results were compared with the conventional pollen protein extraction procedure. As a result, it is concluded that 200 MPa for 5 min has extracted similar amounts of protein compared with the conventional extraction method which lasted for 24 h, which lasted for 24 h. On the other hand, the application time for 200 MPa for 5 min is extremely shorter when it is compared to the conventional extraction method.


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Sevdın, Sezen; Yucel, Umut; Alpas, Hami (2017-08-01)
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Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure Treatment (HHPT) on Quality and Shelf Life of Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)
ŞENTÜRK, Tugce; Alpas, Hami (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-09-01)
The ability of high hydrostatic pressure treatment (HHPT) to extend the shelf life of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) was assessed in this study. For that purpose, fillets were subjected to pressure treatments at 200, 300, 400 MPa at 5, 10, 15 A degrees C for 5 and 15 min. The influence of pressure treatments on the levels of trimethylamine nitrogen (TMA-N) and thiobarbituric acid (TBA) as well as color changes was investigated. The suitable combinations were determined as 200 MPa, 15 A degrees C for 5...
Interaction of pressure, time and temperature of pressurization on viability loss of Listeria innocua
Alpas, Hami; Bozoglu, F; Ray, B (1998-03-01)
In this study, the combined effectiveness of pressures of 137.9-344.7 MPa, temperatures of 25-50 degrees C and exposure times of 5-15 min on Listeria viability in peptone solution is examined. The results showed that under the innocua study conditions only the combination of 344.7 MPa, 50 degrees C and 9.1 min can reduce the viability of this species by 7 logs, with a z value of 173.1 MPa.
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Türkyılmaz, Serhan; Regen, Steven L. (2011-12-06)
The first quantitative insight has been obtained into the effects that volatile anesthetics have on the interactions and lateral organization of lipids in model membranes that mimic "lipid rafts". Specifically, nearest-neighbor recogntion measurements, in combination with Monte Carlo simulations, have been used to investigate the action of isoflurane, halothane, and chloroform on the compactness and lateral organization of cholesterol-rich bilayers of 1,2-dipalmitoylsn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DPPC) in the...
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