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Search for a standard model Higgs boson in CMS via vector boson fusion in the H -> WW -> l nu l nu channel

Yazgan, E.
Damgov, J.
Akchurin, N.
Genchev, V.
Green, D.
Kunori, S.
Schmitt, M.
Wu, W.
Zeyrek, Mehmet Tevfik
We present the potential for discovering the standard model Higgs boson produced via the vector-boson fusion mechanism. We considered the decay of Higgs bosons to the W(+)W(-)final state, with both W-bosons subsequently decaying leptonically. The main background is t (t) over bar produced in association with one or more jets. This study is based on a full simulation of the CMS detector. The result is that a signal of 5 sigma significance can be obtained with an integrated luminosity of 12-72 fb(-1) stop for Higgs boson masses in the range 130 < m(H)< 200 GeV. In addition, the major background can be measured directly to 7% from the data with an integrated luminosity of 30 fb(-1) stop. We also suggest a method to determine the Higgs mass using template transverse mass distributions.