Decomposing perfect discrete Morse functions on connected sum of 3-manifolds

Kosta, Neza Mramor
Pamuk, Mehmetcik
Varli, Hanife
In this paper, we show that if a closed, connected, oriented 3-manifold M = M-1 # M-2 admits a perfect discrete Morse function, then one can decompose this function as perfect discrete Morse functions on M-1 and M-2. We also give an explicit construction of a separating sphere on M corresponding to such a decomposition.


Varli, Hanife; Pamuk, Mehmetcik; Kosta, Neza Mramor (2018-01-01)
We study perfect discrete Morse functions on closed, connected, oriented n-dimensional manifolds. We show how to compose such functions on connected sums of manifolds of arbitrary dimensions and how to decompose them on connected sums of closed oriented surfaces.
Perfect discrete morse functions on connected sums
Varlı, Hanife; Pamuk, Mehmetcik; Kosta, Neza Mramor; Department of Mathematics (2017)
Let $K$ be a finite, regular cell complex and $f$ be a real valued function on $K$. Then $f$ is called a textit{discrete Morse function} if for all $p$-cell $sigma in K$, the following conditions hold: begin{align*} displaystyle n_{1}=# {tau > sigma mid f(tau)leq f(sigma)} leq 1, \ n_{2}=# {nu < sigma mid f(nu)geq f(sigma)}leq 1. end{align*} A $p$-cell $sigma$ is called a textit{critical $p$-cell} if $n_{1}=n_{2}=0$. A discrete Morse function $f$ is called a textit{perfect discrete Morse function} if the nu...
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Let fti : M → R be a discrete Morse function on a cell complex M for each t0 < t1 < ... < tn = 1. Let us denote slice as Mi = M ×{ti} ⊂ M × I and let Vi be the discrete vector field on each slice. After extending the discrete vector field on each slice to a discrete vector field on all of M ×I, a discrete bifurcation diagram is obtained by connecting critical cells of the slices. In”Birth and Death in Discrete MorseTheory”(King,Knudson,Mramor), a solution about finding the discrete bifurcation diagram has been ...
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Average Vector Field Splitting Method for Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
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The energy preserving average vector field integrator is applied to one and two dimensional Schrodinger equations with symmetric split-step method. The numerical results confirm the long-term preservation of the Hamiltonians, which is essential in simulating periodic waves.
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N. M. Kosta, M. Pamuk, and H. Varli, “Decomposing perfect discrete Morse functions on connected sum of 3-manifolds,” TOPOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, pp. 139–147, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: