Agile development approach for the observatory control software of the DAG 4m telescope

Gucsavd, B. Bulent
Coker, Deniz
Zago, Lorenzo
Yerli, Sinan Kaan
Observatory Control Software for the upcoming 4m infrared telescope of DAG (Eastern Anatolian Observatory in Turkish) is in the beginning of its lifecycle. After the process of elicitation-validation of the initial requirements, we have been focused on preparation of a rapid conceptual design not only to see the big picture of the system but also to clarify the further development methodology. The existing preliminary designs for both software (including TCS and active optics control system) and hardware shall be presented here in brief to exploit the challenges the DAG software team has been facing with. The potential benefits of an agile approach for the development will be discussed depending on the published experience of the community and on the resources available to us.


DAG: A New Observatory And A Prospective Observing Site For Other Potential Telescopes
YEŞİLYAPRAK, Cahit; Yerli, Sinan Kaan; KESKİN, ONUR; Gucsav, B. Bulent (2016-07-01)
DAG (Eastern Anatolia Observatory is read as "Dogu Anadolu Gozlemevi" in Turkish) is the newest and largest observatory of Turkey, constructed at an altitude of 3170 m in Konakli/Erzurum province, with an optical and near-infrared telescope (4 m in diameter) and its robust observing site infrastructure. This national project consists of three main phases: DAG (Telescope, Enclosure, Buildings and Infrastructures), FPI (Focal Plane Instruments and Adaptive Optics) and MCP (Mirror Coating Plant). All these thr...
Status of the VERITAS Observatory
Holder, J.; Acciari, V. A.; Aliu, E.; Arlen, T.; Beilicke, M.; Benbow, W.; Bradbury, S. M.; Buckley, J. H.; Bugaev, V.; Butt, Y.; Byrum, K. L.; Cannon, A.; Celik, O.; Cesarini, A.; Ciupik, L.; Chow, Y. C. K.; Cogan, P.; Colin, P.; Cui, W.; (2009-01-01)
VERITAS, an Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope (IACT) system for gammma-ray astronomy in the GeV-TeV range, has recently completed its first season of observations with a full array of four telescopes. A number of astrophysical gamma-ray sources have been detected, both galactic and extragalactic, including sources previously unknown at TeV energies. We describe the status of the array and some highlight results, and assess the technical performance, sensitivity and shower reconstruction capabilities.
DAG telescope site studies and infrastructure for possible international co-operations
Yerli, Sinan Kaan; KESKİN, ONUR; Alis, Sinan (2016-07-01)
The selected site for the 4 m DAG (Eastern Anatolian Observatory in Turkish) telescope is at "Karakaya Ridge", at 3170 m altitude (3150 m after summit management). The telescope's optical design is performed by the DAG technical team to allow infrared observation at high angular resolution, with its adaptive optics system to be built in Turkey. In this paper; a brief introduction about DAG telescope design; planned instrumentation; the meteorological data collected from 2008, clear night counts, short-term ...
Integrated opto-dynamic modeling of the 4-m DAG telescope image quality performance
Zago, Lorenzo; Guex, Benjamin; YEŞİLYAPRAK, Cahit; Yerli, Sinan Kaan; KESKİN, ONUR (2016-06-28)
The Turkish DAG 4-m telescope is currently through the final design stage. It is to be located on a 3170 m mountain top in Eastern Anatolia. The telescope will be a state-of-the art device, alt-az mount with active primary and adjustable secondary and tertiary mirrors. Its optics design is specially aimed at being compatible with advance adaptive optics instrumentation. The ultimate performance of such a telescope results of multiple concurrent effects from many different components and active functions of ...
Status of the Focal Plane Instrumentation (FPI) Project of the 4 m DAG Telescope
KESKİN, ONUR; Yerli, Sinan Kaan; YEŞİLYAPRAK, Cahit; Guver, Tolga; Alis, Sinan; Yelkenci, F. Korhan; Gucsav, B. Bulent; ÖZBEY ARABACI, Mehtap; Erol, Ayse (2016-06-30)
DAG (Eastern Anatolia Observatory in Turkish) will be the newest and largest (4m) observatory of Turkey in both optical (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) Owith its robust observing site infrastructure. The telescope is designedOto house 2 Nasmyth platformes which will be dedicated to NIR and VIS observations. A collaboration has recently been established among four Turkish universities including FMV Isik University (for adaptive optics systems), Middle East Technical University (fort measurement, test and calib...
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