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Gen ifadesi ve rnai verilerini kullanarak sinyal iletim ağlarının tahmini

Can, Tolga
Özsoy, Eren Öykü
In this project, Öykü Eren-Özsoy developed novel method for construction of signaling pathways from RNA interference (RNAi) and gene expression data. She improved a previous developed method as part of our SysPatho project (EU 7th framework project no: 260429) which was capable of using RNAi data only. In this project she was able to integrate microarray data to the existing methodology. In addition, she also improved the method by allowing multiple source and target genes in the signaling pathway. The project work completed successfully and a method was developed to construct signaling pathways using RNAi and microarray data which can also model pathways with multiple source and target genes. We prepared a manuscript at the end of this study and Öykü ErenÖzsoy defended her PhD thesis successfully and earned her doctorate in June 2014. Therefore, she was not supported after getting her degree in the last 5 months of the project. However, we continue to work on this method and in a collaborative study, we are currently preparing a manuscript with researchers from METU Informatics Institute, Nurcan Tunçbağ and Güngör Budak, applying our method on a different dataset. With the help of this TÜBİTAK program, Öykü Eren-Özsoy was supported in the last 7 months of her PhD studies and was able to work full-time on her PhD thesis and finish her studies towards her degree. Finally, Öykü Eren-Özsoy, was also awarded the ODTÜ Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Eğitim ve Araştırma Vakfı ODTÜ THESIS OF THE YEAR award due to her work partially supported by the program