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Recognition-Mediated Assembly of Quantum Dot Polymer Conjugates with Controlled Morphology

Nandwana, Vikas
Subramani, Chandramouleeswaran
Eymur, Serkan
Yeh, Yi-Cheun
Tonga, Gulen Yesilbag
Tonga, Murat
Jeong, Youngdo
Yang, Boqian
Barnes, Michael D.
Cooke, Graeme
Rotello, Vincent M.
We have demonstrated a polymer mediated "bricks and mortar" method for the self-assembly of quantum dots (QDs). This strategy allows QDs to self-assemble into structured aggregates using complementary three-point hydrogen bonding. The resulting nanocomposites have distinct morphologies and inter-particle distances based on the ratio between QDs and polymer. Time resolved photoluminescence measurements showed that the optical properties of the QDs were retained after self-assembly.