Computational Design in Architectural Education: Integrated Approaches

Özkar, Mine
Çolakoğlu, Birgül


Computational design learning: the smartgeometry case
Acıcan, Öykü; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Department of Architecture (2019)
Computational design has brought in novel concepts to architecture and design disciplines by an integration of interdisciplinary knowledge, tools and methods. Computational design learning has entered the curriculum of architecture, and gained significance over time. Experiential learning environments such as computational design workshops offer strategies for a better understanding of the contemporary needs of computational design learning. Smartgeometry (SG) is a computational design organization that ope...
An Innovative Design Education Approach: Computational Design Teaching for Architecture
Çolakoğlu, Birgül ; Yazar, Tuğrul (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2007-6-01)
This paper describes an innovative design education approach developed to explore new intellectual and theoretical directions of design generation. It utilizes algorithms as a tool for introducing the concept of design computing to graduate students of architecture. The graduate course titled “Designing the Design” is thus developed. The aim of the course is to introduce to the students of architecture the computational design thinking and the new emerging language and method of designing. Examples from the...
Optimization of Speed Control Hump Profiles
BAŞLAMIŞLI, SELAHATTİN ÇAĞLAR; Ünlüsoy, Yavuz Samim (2009-05-01)
In this study, the goal attainment method is implemented for the optimization of speed control hump profiles. Basic dimensions for a number of hump profile functions are optimized for single vehicles classified in five categories and for a specified distribution of these vehicles. Objective functions are selected as combinations of the longitudinal and vertical acceleration components at pre-specified points on the vehicle body. The main objective is to minimize vehicle response functions below the hump cro...
Performance analyses of newton method for multi-block structured grids
Ayan, Erdem; Eyi, Sinan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2011)
In order to make use of Newton’s method for complex flow domains, an Euler multi-block Newton solver is developed. The generated Newton solver uses Analytical Jacobian derivation technique to construct the Jacobian matrices with different flux discretization schemes up to the second order face interpolations. Constructed sparse matrices are solved by parallel and series matrix solvers. In order to use structured grids for complex domains, multi-block grid construction is needed. Each block has its own Jacob...
Legitimization Of The Regionalist Idea In Architecture Through Mumford’s Early Ideas
Erkılıç , Mualla (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1998)
This paper aims to point out direct or indirect influence of Mumford's critical ideas formulated as early as 1920s, on the contemporary idea of Regionalism in architecture. Being a cultural critic, Mumford's translation of the geographical and political notion of Regionalism into architecture is interesting, because, although his intellectual position represents the socio-political and intellectual spirit of his age, there are similarities between the mental habits of that period and of the present in the i...
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