Legitimization Of The Regionalist Idea In Architecture Through Mumford’s Early Ideas

Erkılıç , Mualla
This paper aims to point out direct or indirect influence of Mumford's critical ideas formulated as early as 1920s, on the contemporary idea of Regionalism in architecture. Being a cultural critic, Mumford's translation of the geographical and political notion of Regionalism into architecture is interesting, because, although his intellectual position represents the socio-political and intellectual spirit of his age, there are similarities between the mental habits of that period and of the present in the interpretation of certain stylistic attitudes in architecture. In this paper, the emphasis will be given to Mumford's interpretation of the 'local', 'regional', 'universal', and 'modern' aspects of architectural problems where he often conflates particular architectural forms (images) with certain 'ideas' (such as national, regional, universal) in order to justify some architectural approaches. This conflation, actually, has been an evidence of formalist tendencies that have persisted in various modern and post-modern architectural attitudes.


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