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Cloning and DNA sequence analysis of the glucose oxidase gene from Aspergillus niger NRRL-3

Kriechbaum, Maren
Heilmann, H. J.
Wientjes, F.
Hahn, M.
Jany, Klaus Dieter
Gassen, H. G.
Sharif, Fade A.
Alaeddinoglu, G.
A cDNA library from Aspergillus niger strain NRRL‐3 enriched in sequences encoding the glucose oxidase was constructed. An 800 bp cDNA clone isolated from this library was used to screen 12 000 recombinant phages from an EMBL3 genomic library. A 15 kbp DNA segment isolated from this library contained the 1815 bp structural gene for glucose oxidase as well as a short 5′‐ and a longer 3′‐noncoding region. The deduced protein sequence was verified by partial peptide sequencing.