Soydan, Hilal
Düzgün, Hafize Şebnem
The traditional approach of soil mapping is time consuming and requires large amount of investments, especially for large scale areas, whereas the reflectance spectrometry for assessing the spectral behavior of soil has been an alternative [13]. This study aims to predict the moisture level in soil and significant wavelengths pointing the moisture existence with the help of satellite imageries and spectroscopic data. For that purpose. spectral profiles obtained from Advanced Spaceborn Thermal Emission and Reflection (ASTER) and Worldview 2 (Wv-2) imageries are utilized in the analysis coupled with the spectroscopic data acquired with ASD spectrometer instrument. The study reveals the fact that ASTER has a superior capability to predict the moisture content over Wv-2, also indicating the capability of Wv-2 having a narrow region in electromagnetic spectrum as a cost & time efficient tool


Ünlü, Kahraman (1994-11-01)
A stochastic modeling approach for the migration of contaminants in soil and ground-water is developed to assess the expected magnitude of contamination at receptors located downgradient from a waste pit. The model evaluates uncertainties in contaminant concentrations due to uncertainties in waste composition and hydrogeologic properties of waste sites, and determines the exceedance probabilities of a specified concentration level at receptor points using Monte Carlo (MC), first order (FO), and point-estima...
Opportunities and challenges in using soil moisture from cosmic ray neutron sensing for rainfall-runoff modelling
Duygu, Mustafa Berk; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Civil Engineering (2021-9-08)
Retrieving or estimating soil moisture is one of the most important elements of hydrology, since most of the hydrological studies consider the absence (drought) or excessiveness (flood) of water stored in the soil. Water stored in a basin has a very strong relation with the amount of soil moisture thus knowing the soil moisture significantly facilitates the estimation of other parameters of the hydrological cycle. For agricultural decision making systems, it is also vital to know whether the plants receive ...
Determination of soil hydraulic properties using pedotransfer functions in a semi-arid basin, Turkey
TOMBUL, MUSTAFA; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; ŞORMAN, ALİ ÜNAL (2004-12-01)
Spatial and temporal variations in soil hydraulic properties such as soil moisture 0(h) and hydraulic conductivity K(theta) or K(h), may affect the performance of hydrological models. Moreover. the cost of determining soil hydraulic properties by field or laboratory methods makes alternative indirect methods desirable. In this paper, various pedotransfer functions (PTFs) arc used to estimate soil hydraulic properties for a small semi-arid basin (Kurukavak) in the north-west of Turkey. The field measurements...
Remote sensing of canopy water content during SMEX'04 and SMEX'05 using shortwave-infrared reflectances
Hunt Jr., E. Raymond; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul; Jackson, Thomas J. (2008-12-01)
The Soil Moisture Experiments in 2004 and 2005 were conducted to validate algorithms for soil moisture retrievals. One of the key parameters for determination of soil moisture from microwave sensors is the vegetation water content of canopy and stems. We tested if canopy water content could be determined from reflectances in the shortwave-infrared and if the amount of canopy water content was related to the total vegetation water content by allometric equations. The normalized difference infrared index (NDI...
Investigation the effects of different support medium on product with nutrient film technique
İncemehmetoğlu, Ali; Yıldız, Fatih; Özen, Can; Department of Biotechnology (2012)
Hydroponics basically is the method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Vertical nutrient film technique (NFT) is one of the most used hydroponic technique that has constant flow of nutrient solution. In this study the effects of different support medium on strawberry quality and yield using vertical NFT in glass greenhouse was investigated. NFT-only system was compared to rockwool, coco fiber, perlite and expanded clay as supporting medium for strawberry production. ...
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H. Soydan and H. Ş. Düzgün, “EVALUATION OF SOIL MOISTURE CONTENT FROM ASTER AND WORLDVIEW 2 IMAGERIES,” 2014, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/52113.