Forced oscillation of super-half-linear impulsive differential equations

Oezbekler, A.
Zafer, Ağacık
By using a Picone type formula in comparison with oscillatory unforced half-linear equations, we derive new oscillation criteria for second order forced super-half-linear impulsive differential equations having fixed moments of impulse actions. In the superlinear case, the effect of a damping term is also considered.


Oscillation of solutions of second order mixed nonlinear differential equations under impulsive perturbations
ÖZBEKLER, ABDULLAH; Zafer, Ağacık (Elsevier BV, 2011-02-01)
New oscillation criteria are obtained for second order forced mixed nonlinear impulsive differential equations of the form
Asymptotic behavior of linear impulsive integro-differential equations
Akhmet, Marat; YILMAZ, Oğuz (Elsevier BV, 2008-08-01)
Asymptotic equilibria of linear integro-differential equations and asymptotic relations between solutions of linear homogeneous impulsive differential equations and those of linear integro-differential equations are established. A new Gronwall-Bellman type lemma for integro-differential inequalities is proved. An example is given to demonstrate the validity of one of the results.
Second-order oscillation of forced functional differential equations with oscillatory potentials
Guvenilir, A. F.; Zafer, Ağacık (Elsevier BV, 2006-05-01)
New oscillation criteria are established for second-order differential equations containing both delay and advanced arguments of the form,
On periodic solutions of differential equations with piecewise constant argument
Akhmet, Marat (Elsevier BV, 2008-10-01)
The periodic quasilinear system of differential equations with small parameter and piecewise constant argument of generalized type [M.U. Akhmet, Integral manifolds of differential equations with piecewise constant argument of generalized type, Nonlinear Anal. TMA, 66 (2007) 367-383, M.U. Akhmet, On the reduction principle for differential equations with piecewise argument of generalized type, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 336 (2007) 646-663] is addressed. We consider the critical case, when associated linear homogen...
Dynamic programming for a Markov-switching jump-diffusion
Azevedo, N.; Pinheiro, D.; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Elsevier BV, 2014-09-01)
We consider an optimal control problem with a deterministic finite horizon and state variable dynamics given by a Markov-switching jump-diffusion stochastic differential equation. Our main results extend the dynamic programming technique to this larger family of stochastic optimal control problems. More specifically, we provide a detailed proof of Bellman's optimality principle (or dynamic programming principle) and obtain the corresponding Hamilton-Jacobi-Belman equation, which turns out to be a partial in...
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