A Systematic Literature Review on Health Recommender Systems

Health Information Systems are becoming an important platform for healthcare services. In this context, Health Recommender Systems (HRS) are presented as complementary tools in decision making processes in health care services. Health Recommender Systems increase usability of technologies and reduce information overload in processes. In this paper, a literature review was conducted by following a review procedure. Major approaches in HRS were outlined and findings were discussed. The paper presented current developments in the market, challenges and opportunities regarding to HRS and emerging approaches. It is believed that this study is an illuminating start-up point for HRS literature review.
4th IEEE International Conference on E-Health and Bioengineering (EHB)


A cross-sectional investigation of acceptance of health information technology: A nationwide survey of community pharmacists in Turkey
Sezgin, Emre; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2016-11-01)
Background: Health information technologies have become vital to health care services. In that regard, successful use of information technologies in pharmaceutical services is important to manage, control and maintain pharmaceutical transactions, which increase the quality of health care delivery.
Work in Progress toward Adoption of an e-Health Application by Healthcare Personnel: A Model Validation
Sezgin, Emre; Alasehir, Oguzhan; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2014-10-17)
Health information systems (HIS) have provided a major leap forward in communication and management of health services. In this study, a system of pharmaceutical services, which is an HIS platform that enables pharmacists to communicate with hospitals, government health agencies and suppliers, was investigated. The study aims to assess and determine factors influencing health professionals' (pharmacists) adoption of the system. In this work in progress study, a new research model (P-TAM) was developed, and ...
Interoperability of Medical Device Information and the Clinical Applications: An HL7 RMIM based on the ISO/IEEE 11073 DIM
Yuksel, Mustafa; Doğaç, Asuman (2011-07-01)
Medical devices are essential to the practice of modern healthcare services. Their benefits will increase if clinical software applications can seamlessly acquire the medical device data. The need to represent medical device observations in a format that can be consumable by clinical applications has already been recognized by the industry. Yet, the solutions proposed involve bilateral mappings from the ISO/IEEE 11073 Domain Information Model (DIM) to specific message or document standards. Considering that...
A survey and analysis of Electronic Healthcare Record standards
Eichelberg, M; Aden, T; Riesmeier, J; Doğaç, Asuman; Laleci, GB (2005-12-01)
Medical information systems today store clinical information about patients in all kinds of proprietary formats. To address the resulting interoperability problems, several Electronic Healthcare Record standards that structure the clinical content for the purpose of exchange are currently under development. In this article, we present a survey of the most relevant Electronic Healthcare Record standards, examine the level of interoperability they provide, and assess their functionality in terms of content st...
A new ontology and knowledge base system for performance measurement in health care
Beyan, Oya Deniz; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Health Informatics (2010)
Performance measurement makes up the core of all health care systems in transition. Many countries and institutions monitor different aspects of health care delivery systems for differing purposes. Health care deliverers are compared, rated, and given incentives with respect to their measured performance. However, a global health care domain is currently striving for attaining commonly accepted performance measurement models and base-standards that can be used in information systems. The objective of this t...
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