Schemes for multiple description coding of stereoscopic video

Norkin, Andrey
Aksay, Anil
Bilen, Cagdas
Akar, Gözde
Gotchev, Atanas
Astola, Jaakko
This paper presents and compares two multiple description schemes for coding of stereoscopic video, which are based on H.264. The SS-MDC scheme exploits spatial scaling of one view. In case of one channel failure, SS-MDC can reconstruct the stereoscopic video with one view low-pass filtered. SS-MDC can achieve low redundancy (less than 10%) for video sequences with lower inter-view correlation. MS-MDC method is based on multi-state coding and is beneficial for video sequences with higher inter-view correlation. The encoder can switch between these two methods depending on the characteristics of video.

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A. Norkin, A. Aksay, C. Bilen, G. Akar, A. Gotchev, and J. Astola, “Schemes for multiple description coding of stereoscopic video,” MULTIMEDIA CONTENT REPRESENTATION, CLASSIFICATION AND SECURITY, vol. 4105, pp. 730–737, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: