The Relationship Between Couple s Novel Life Events and Relationship Satisfaction A Diary Study

Aykutoğlu, Bülent
Akgonul, Busra


The role of temporality and interaction in the Turkey-EU relationship
Eralp, Atila (2009-03-01)
This paper introduces the two factors of temporality and interaction, which are not well-researched within the Turkey-EU relationship. I suggest that these two factors are important for understanding the process of Europeanization in Turkey and explaining the ups and downs in the long-lasting relationship. After briefly examining the two historical periods of the Turkey-EU relationship - that is, from 1959 to 1970 and from 1970 to 1999 - the paper mainly focuses on the more recent period following the Helsi...
The Relationship Between Attachment Style in Romantic Relationship, Love Type, Emotional Expression and Life Satisfaction
Şahin, Seda Merve; Çoksan, Sami (null; 2017-07-18)
The current study examines the association between attachment styles in romantic relations and love type preference, emotional expression, and life satisfaction. Two hundred twenty-six volunteers participated in the study. Results showed that participants who were securely attached to their romantic partners preferred Eros love type more, while participants who were insecurely attached to their romantic partners decided on Ludus, Pragma, and Mania love types. There was no difference between secure and insec...
The Relationship between Intimacy Change and Passion: A Dyadic Diary Study
Aykutoğlu, Bülent; Uysal, AHMET (2017-12-22)
In the current study we investigated the association between intimacy and passion by testing whether increases in intimacy generates passion (Baumeister and Bratslavsky, 1999). Furthermore, we examined whether there are partner effects in intimacy change and passion link. Couples (N = 75) participated in a 14-day long diary study. Dyadic multilevel analyses with residualized intimacy change scores showed that both actors' and partners' intimacy change positively predicted actor's passion. However, analyses ...
The efficacy of reminiscence therapy on the life satisfaction of Turkish Older Adults A Preminary study
Siviş Çetinkaya, Rahşan; Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz (Turkish Geriatrics Society, 2007-01-01)
Introduction: Integrative elder care services require parity between mental and medical health needs of elders. Therefore, up-to-date mental health interventions geared towards elderly need to be adopted in Turkey. This preliminary study investigated the efficacy of reminiscence therapy on life satisfaction of Turkish older adults. Materials and Method: Participants (N = 70) were administered the Turkish version of Life Satisfaction Index A (LSIA). Using an experimental matched-pairs design, volunteering pa...
Examination of Eating Attitudes in Terms of Interpersonal Relationships and Life Satisfaction in Late Adolescence
Berber Çelik, Çiğdem; Kaya, Özgür Salih (2018-09-01)
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