Static and dynamic analysis of an overhead catenary system for railway electrification.

Dinçarslan, Semiha


Static and dynamic analysis of flexible strip footings on a soil layer
Çetin, Emine Elif; Aşık, Zülfü; Department of Engineering Sciences (1997)
Static And Dynamic Behavior Of Unbonded Elastomeric Bridge Bearings
Domaniç, Arman; Caner, Alp (2016-12-31)
A positive connection between superstructure and substructure in vertical or horizontal directions cannot be achieved by use of unbonded elastomeric bearings. The horizontal connection of unbonded bearings to the structure is furnished thru friction at contact surfaces while gravitational forces are utilized to maintain contact in vertical direction. An approximate horizontal friction coefficient of 0.20 is typically used at contact surfaces in seismic design based on practice in Turkey. The aim of this stu...
Static and dynamic aeroelastic analysis of a very light Aircraft
Demirer, Halime Gül; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2021-9-10)
Aircraft design processes need to ensure that the aircraft is aeroelastically stable within its operational envelope. This thesis presents an overview of the static aeroelastic, flutter and gust response analysis of a very light aircraft. MSC.FlightLoads and MSC.Nastran are used for aeroelastic modeling and analysis. The methods to be used in the aeroelastic analysis of the VLA are tested on the AGARD 445.6 wing, and the results are in good agreement with the literature. Aeroelastic model corrections such a...
Static and dynamic analysis of shear deformable composite shells of revolution by semi-analytical approach
Kayran, Altan (2013-10-18)
In the present study, multi-segment numerical integration technique is applied for the static and dynamic analysis of macroscopically anisotropic shells of revolution including transverse shear deformation. Application of the multi-segment numerical integration technique is achieved through the use of finite exponential Fourier transform of the fundamental shell of revolution equations governing the static loading and free vibration of the shell of revolution. For the non-axisymmetrically loaded shells of r...
Static aeroelastic analysis of supersonic nozzles and performance response
Duzel, U.; Eyi, Sinan (2014-01-01)
© 2014 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.The effects of static aeroelasticity on the performance of supersonic nozzles are analyzed. A flow analysis was conducted to investigate five different configurations of two dimensional convergingdiverging nozzles. Computational results are validated with experimental data. Two of the configurations, which have the same throat area, throat radius, and convergence angle and total nozzle length are selected as the basel...
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S. Dinçarslan, “Static and dynamic analysis of an overhead catenary system for railway electrification.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.